Treatment For Dandruff

Treatment For Dandruff

Treatment For Dandruff - Cure For Dandruff - Herbal Shampoo - Wash Your Hair Everyday » Dandruff Treatment For GuysWell considering that guys are the ones mostly inflicted with the problem of dandruff I could venture some tried and tested treatments for the malady. These treatments are well researched and I have even spoken with skin specialists about the effectiveness of the treatments.

To begin with we need to understand what dandruff is. It is caused by bacteria that dries and flakes the outer layer of the scalp. Contrary to what people believe that dandruff is the ruminants of soap or shampoo in the hair, it is not. In a nutshell, dandruff is the flaking of the cells of the scalp. This is caused by bacteria that dry the scalp rapidly.

To cure the problem you will need to resort to some lengthy procedures. To prevent yourself from being embarrassed in company with the excessive dandruff falling on your shoulders, you need to oil your hair just to paste the stuff down. Oiling hair is not a cure for dandruff. What you need to do is to wash your hair regularly, like everyday, with running water from the tap. Hot water will only aggravate the situation. Never use soap based shampoos. Resort to a herbal shampoo instead. Wash the remnants of the shampoo thoroughly after each bath and dry your hair thoroughly too. Sit in the sun for 10 minutes after the bath.

Before washing your hair it is helpful to scrub your scalp with half a lemon. The juice of the lemon is a known cure for the bacteria in the scalp.

Fenugreek seeds are another known cure for dandruff. This takes some time but in a matter of a month you will see the difference. Grind two table spoons of seeds after soaking overnight and apply to the scalp well. Wash it out half an hour later with cool running water and sit in the sun for 10 minutes.

If none of these work for you try shaving your head. The ultimate dandruff treatment!

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