Treatment Of Chest Pain

Treatment Of Chest Pain

Treatment Of Chest Pain - Chest Pain Causes - Causes of Chest Pain - Diagnosis of Chest Pains | Tips on - Find TipsThe term- chest pain- is used to define pain, irritation, choking sensation or pressure in neck and chest. Most of the time chest pain is associated with heart problems. It is one of the basic symptoms of something wrong with heart. Sometimes the chest pain spreads out to pain in arms, head or jaws.

Chest pain is therefore a vague term. It is not a diagnosis of any disease. It is only an indication of many possible problems. In continuous chest pain, rush to a doctor immediately. The doctor may advice an ECG immediately and will also look at your past medical history. He will also examine if the chest pain entails any serious issues like cardiac arrest/ heart attack.

The doctor first examines the serious conditions. If there isn’t any then he will go about for other diagnosis of chest pains.

Situations When Chest Pain Is Not Serious:

- Seeing the medical history which has records of past chest pain and their causes, cardiac problem will be ruled out. There are many other reasons of chest pain.

- If the pain shifts with your body posture, it is not as serious.

- The pain is there one minute, gone at the other. Some simple reason for this is acid reflux. This is nothing to worry about. It happens to millions of people daily.

Situations When Chest Pain Is Serious:

- The pain does not subside as it used to in the past. It worsens with every minute and this pain is different from the ones you had in the past.

- People over 45 have chances of developing heart diseases due to diabetes, obesity or sedentary lifestyle. If you have any of these, it is better to consult a doctor beforehand for necessary precaution measures.

- The pain begins from a place and it spreads to other body parts, usually arms and neck. This is accompanied by excessive sweating, nausea, weakness and difficulty in breathing.

Stay under medication from preventing further worsening of chest pains.

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