Tree Tea Oil

Tree Tea Oil

Tree Tea Oil - History of Tree Tea Oils - Side Effects of Tree Tea Oil - Symptoms of Tree Tea Oils | Tips on - Find TipsDefinition of Tree Tea Oil:

This is an anti fungal agent and contains terpenoids that are found in the essential oils of the plants. It is one hundred percent natural and has no side effects whatsoever. It is also used as a disinfectant of the skin.

The History of Tree Tea Oils:

Over a hundred years ago tea tree leaves use to fall and decay when reaching the ground. It was discovered by the Bundjalung aborigines of the Northern South Wales of Australia. It was later discovered that the tea tree oils were used to cleanse and heal infections, cuts; and burns when applied to the affected area.

The Tree Tea Oil is used by individuals to prevent acne, vaginitis, boils, lice, dandruff, eczema, cold sores, gingivitis, yeast infections; and athlete’s foot.

Tree Tea Oils are found in soaps, creams, lotions, shampoos; and ointments as the key ingredient to the products.

Side Effects of Tree Tea Oil:

In some people, it can cause diarrhea, disabled immune function; and irritation of the skin such as itchy and redness while taken internally.

Symptoms of Overdosing on Tree Tea Oils:

Diarrhea, vomiting, sleepiness; and drowsiness are the symptoms of overdosing on Tree Tea Oils.

Tree Tea Oil is found in toothpastes and mouth washes. Pregnant women that are breastfeeding should avoid using tree tea oil, as well as keep the oil away from children and pets.

Remedies of Tree Tea Oils:

Acne - five percent of tree tea oil should be applied daily to the skin or other forms of treatment that contains benzoyl peroxide.

Foot problems - eight percent of tree tea oil should be massaged into the feet on a daily basis to prevent athlete’s foot.

Nail infections - Using one hundred percent of tree tea oils twice a day to improve the appearance in nails for long term care.

Vaginal infections - Using forty percent of tree tea oils mixed with isopropyl alcohol and water to treat cervicitis, chronic endocervicitis, trichomonas; and candidacies.

Lice - Adding drops of tree tea oils to shampoo or a hair comb consistently will prevent any eggs from hatching in the scalp.

Skin infections - It is often used as an antiseptic, and should be applied 2 – 3 times daily. It helps cure varicose veins, mouth ulcers, fatigue, respiratory infections; and female reproductive system.

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