Trigger Asthma Attack

Trigger Asthma Attack

Trigger Asthma Attack - How to Prevent An Asthma Attack - Asthma Medication - Asthma and a Healthy Lifestyle » 5 Ways to Make Life with Asthma EasierAsthma is a common respiratory affliction. Many people who suffer from asthma are interested in finding ways to cope with the asthma attacks when they happen.

The key to coping with an asthma attack is to be prepared for it when one happens. This article discusses five helpful ways to control asthma attacks and safely deal with them when they occur.

1. Have an asthma attack plan.

Write up an asthma attack plan of action and post it somewhere that is easy to find so that when you do have an asthma attack, you know exactly what you need to do to make it through the next asthma attack. Here is an example of an asthma attack plan:

a. Your asthma attack plan should diagram an easy-to-follow plan to help you deal step-by-step with an asthma attack.

b. Your plan should have a list of your patient history in case a medical professional needs the information.

c. You should list the medications that you are taking and what are the times that you take the medications.

When you do not have a detailed plan-of-action to follow when you have an asthma attack, the people involved may not know the proper steps to help you immediately and effectively.

2. Keep your medications in one location.

Most asthma sufferers use an emergency inhaler to treat an asthma attack. The medications include Proventil ™ and Albuterol©. These medications provide a quick form of relief when a person is having an asthma attack.

3. Find out what triggers your asthma attack.

Most asthma attacks are caused by allergens that come from the environment. You can prevent an asthma attack by avoiding contact with these allergens.

Some of the most common allergen triggers are cigarette smoke, pollen, pet hair and mold. You can keep the inside of your home clear of these allergens by installing HEPA filters in your vacuum cleaner.

You may also opt to remove the carpet from your home as well as other household items that are known to collect dust.

4. Monitor the condition.

A great deal of asthma sufferers are small children. It is important that the parents monitor their child’s condition and pay attention to what triggers their child’s asthma. Once the parents know what triggers the child’s asthma, they can try to eliminate those household triggers.

5. Live a healthy lifestyle

People who suffer from asthma need to make healthy changes to their lifestyle. That includes making sure that their body is healthy by eating right and exercising as well as remaining emotionally stable.

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