Trip To Bora Bora Island

Trip To Bora Bora Island

Two steep peaks of black rock at the center surrounded by true-blue colors of the Pacific Ocean, marks the beautiful and stunning background of Bora Bora Island. Located in the archipelago of Society Islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean, it is the famous island among Tahitian Islands.

The climate, the atmosphere, the ambience constitute in making up a mysterious, mythical and romantic environment of this island. It is situated in the Lee ward side of French Polynesia.

Sharing most of the climatic features of the Tahitian climate, Bora Bora has two notably distinct seasons. The first one is the wet season or the “Polynesian Summer”, as it is called and falls between the months of November to April. During this time the island receives a fairly well rainfall. Almost 3/4th of the annual rainfall of this area occurs now. The sky remains covered with clouds coupled with a high humidity.

The hottest months are February and March with a general temperature of approximately 27-30 degrees during this time. There is a very minimal change in the night temperature as that of the day. Trade wind “toerau” seldom blow over the island durimg this time and is associated with a cool, fresh sensation on a warm sunny day. Thus with unpredictable and frequent gushes of brief storms, rain and humidity this is regarded as the “off season” for tourists.

The dry season or the “Polynesian Winter” is the peak season of the tourists. This season, which falls between May to October, is best suited for those tourists who are looking forward to scuba diving. Among the months now, July is the top favorite due to series of local festivals and merriments, known as Tiurai.

The temperature during this time remains constant at 24-28 degree Celsius and very occasional rains. The fluctuations in day and night temperature are almost absent. The islands experience the southerly trade wind, “mara amu during this time; which is responsible of the sudden rains and subsequent temperature drop.

Thou not rich in wildlife, but some of the rarest birds like Tetiaroa, Mehetia etc can be seen here. Lots and lots of dogs roaming aimlessly all over the Bora Bora Island is a common sight. Along with 500 species of fishes, other amazing creature like dolphin, sea turtle, crabs like Hermit crab and Coconut crab, sharks, humpback whales, porpoises are often seen.

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