Trip to Guayaquil in Ecuador

Trip to Guayaquil in Ecuador

Trip to Guayaquil in Ecuador - Trip to Guayaquil - Main Attractions of Guayaquil - Historical Sites in Guayaquil | Tips on - Find TipsEcuador is a lovely country blessed with abundant natural beauty and historical sites. While tourists largely venture in and around Quito, the largest city of Ecuador, Guayaquil is fast emerging as a popular tourist destination. Guayaquil is the largest city of Ecuador. It houses the main port of the country and its new international airport and the rapid pace of urbanization is making the city a comfortable area to travel.

The main attractions of Guayaquil

Cerro Santa Ana

It is worth taking the uphill task of climbing the 465-foot high stairways to arrive at this popular destination of Guayaquil. Located on a hill, the cobblestone path is dotted with art galleries, gift shops, restaurants and lovely houses.

Malecon 2000

Flanked by the Natural Guayas River, Malecon 2000 is a lovely boardwalk to explore. It has several contemporary and historic buildings. You will find a number of small eateries as well as big dinning restaurants in this area.

Plaza del Sol

Adjacent to Mall del Sol is the Plaza del Sol. This popular area is the shopping destination of Guayaquil. Besides the mall, shops, restaurants, there is also a casino.


This is popular beach and a great surfing destination. The adjacent fishing village, pubs, restaurants and hotels are added advantage.

Parque Historico Guayaquil

This historic quarter of the city is dotted with several old buildings. It also has a zoo and a natural reserve built inside a park.

Parque Bolivar

This botanical garden is noted for the turtles and iguanas inhabiting the park and its pools

Parque del Centenario

Spread across four blocks, this area is resplendent with a number of monuments, most of which are dedicated to the Ecuadorian freedom struggle and its freedom fighters.

The Cathedral

This 16th century church was rebuilt in 1948 after a devastating fire gutted it. The neo-gothic architecture, the marble altar and the stunning glassworks are the main attractions of the church.

Municipal Museum

For an eerie experience, visit this museum. The attraction of this museum is the military trophies of the Jibaros, an Amazonian tribe, who through an unknown procedure shrunk the severed heads of the enemies to the size of doll heads.

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