Trip to Reno

Trip to Reno

Trip to Reno - Ski Resorts in Reno - Golf Courses in Reno - Lakes in Reno | Tips on - Find TipsReno in Nevada is America’s Adventure Place. The entire region cannot be explored in a week. Perhaps you need months to visit its 15 ski resorts, 50 golf courses, several lakes, explore the entire length of the Truckee River and go on thousands of hiking trips.

First time visitors to Reno should try to visit some of its popular sites.

Lake Tahoe

This lake presents separate pictures during the winter and the summer. During the winter, the lake receives about 350 inches of snowfall every year. This makes it a popular destination for skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts. The alpine and Nordic resorts along the lake attract hundreds of visitors in the winter. When the ice melts in the summer, Lake Tahoe becomes a great destination for sailing, boating, water skiing, jet skiing and parasailing. The beaches along the lake lure visitors to bask in the bright sunshine. Hikers follow the track along the Flume Trail of the surrounding mountain.

Truckee River

The Truckee River flowing across downtown Reno is dotted with shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and recreational spaces. In the summer, the Wingfield Park located in downtown Reno hosts several festivals and concerts. Water sport admirers visit the Truckee River Whitewater Park. The park provides kayaking and rafting opportunities in its eleven drop-pools. Its racecourse is fitted with 2,600 feet of water features. Kayaks, rafts and tubes can be hired on the site. The Reno River Festival held every year in May is a popular kayaking and racing competition. In July, the River District of downtown Reno comes alive with art and cultural festival known as Artown.


The National Automobile Museum has the largest collection of vehicles. The Nevada Museum of Art should be on the itinerary of art lovers. If the mysteries of the universe enchant you, go to the Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center.

Sierra Safari Zoo

This zoo is not as expansive as the ones located in other parts of USA, but nonetheless, you will enjoy a day’s trip to the Sierra Safari Zoo, tucked in the undeveloped desert area. There are a number of birds, peacocks, tortoises, monkeys, deer and a few game animals in the zoo.

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