Trip To The Great Wall Of China

Trip To The Great Wall Of China

Trip To The Great Wall Of China - Best Time To Visit Great Wall Of China - Best Parts Of The Great Wall Of China | Tips on - Find TipsThe Great Wall of China is an engineering marvel that has been fascinating tourists from all over the world. This giant wall, roughly 6,700 kilometers long, stretches from the east to the west of China. Although, it is extremely difficult to explore the entire wall, but nonetheless, a journey across the wall will take you across mountains, plateaus, grasslands and deserts.

Best time to visit the Great Wall

Since the Great Wall spreads across different topographies, different sections of the walls have different features to be explored in different seasons. Although you could visit the Great Wall at any time of the year, but the best time to visit is between May and early October.

The summer months between June and August might be a bit too hot, but the sunny and warm days are preferable to the harsh Chinese winter between November and April.

Which section of the Great Wall to visit?

The Great Wall is divided into a number of sections. It might take months and probably years to travel across the entire Wall. Therefore, choices of visitors are limited only to a few sections of the Great Wall. The four most popular sections of the Great Wall are – Badaling, Mutianyu, Simatai and Jinshanling.


Located close to Beijing, the Badaling section of the Great Wall attracts the largest number of tourists. Frequent renovations of this section of the Great Wall have made it safer than the other parts. It is easy to climb and safe to walk. Badaling is always too much crowded with visitors, souvenir sellers and hawkers.


Mutianyu attracts nature lovers with its wonderful views of the forest surrounding it during summer and autumn. Although, this section of the Great Wall is steeper than Badaling, but lesser number of visitors and hawkers, makes this a quieter and peaceful spot to explore.


People who love adventure should visit Simatai. This portion of the Great Wall has parts that have received less renovation yet are well preserved. The eastern part of Simatai is difficult to climb, whereas the western side could be scaled easily.


This part of the Great Wall is preferred by foreign travelers because for its ruins, steep gradient and peaceful environment.

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