Troubled Teens

Troubled Teens

Troubled Teens - How to Help a Troubled Teen - Tips To Help Your Troubled Teenager | Tips on - Find TipsThe modern lifestyle defined by stress and building image has even trapped the teenagers who are out to start their life. It is a constant source of worry to parents to think if their child is going towards the correct path or not.

Since the parents have already been there and done that, they know when an action performed by the child is correct or wrong. Decisions made in this crucial juncture can go on to determine the teenager’s course of life.

Parents always fear about the teen’s whereabouts, whether they are into drugs or alcohol, whether they are honest and sincere, whether they are depressed and losing self esteem or if they are performing well.

Whatever the scene is, you can find some tips here to help a troubled teenager:

Try to be a friend and not an enemy. That’s what a teen wants at this stage. They do not want possessive parents trying to snoop around at every action and trying to curb their freedom. A major problem at this time is getting the teen to open up; more a problem if he/she has not shared a cordial relation before with you.

For a start, take interest in the affairs of the child. Listen to what they have got to say without being critical or judgmental because that will be a total turn off. Take them into your confidence; soon he/she will start to open up. But, note this, never ever try to use whatever they confide against them in any situation where you may be teeming with anger.

Give emotional space that they crave for. Try to build a warm relation between you and the teen. Let them know that you are there whenever they need you and therefore, give them the space they often need at this stage. It is important to trust them. And obviously, try not to betray their trust. If you say that you can understand them, make sure they are not just hollow words coming out.

Let them be independent. A big favour you would be doing as a friend is to teach them how to take right decisions in life.

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