Try These Steps To Get Rid Of Your Child’s Computer Addiction

Try These Steps To Get Rid Of Your Child’s Computer Addiction

Try These Steps To Get Rid Of Your Child’s Computer Addiction - How To Stop Internet Computer Addiction Among TeensThere was a time when parents used to be scared that their children will be influenced by television and become addicted to its allure. If statistics are to be believed, the current generation of young children has moved way past the era of television; and has been sucked up into the world of an even more dangerous addiction, of that of the computer and internet.

No matter, how much a parent tries to divert a child’s attention from computer games, they still somehow end up getting hooked into it. And however much parents try to curtail their children’s foray into the world of the internet; they somehow find a way to get past the barriers. Child locks have become a child’s play, easy enough for smart kids to break past and access whatever they want.

While the computer and the internet are useful tools for our children’s education and empowerment but they are being increasingly more harmed than benefitted by its use, in the long run. The addiction to computer games and the internet are causing a myriad of problems among today’s kids, the least of which are unhealthy constitution, life-term diseases which were earlier limited to only the elders, as well as leading to a lot of detrimental imbalances in their temperament and emotions.

Although most parents despair to find their children at such a state of helpless addiction, they feel there is nothing they can do about it. But, fortunately there is a lot that can be done to help cure the ill-effects of computer addiction and here are some steps that can help you.

Set Up Rules and Timings

It is inevitable that your kid will want to spend some time on his computer and will raise a big hue and cry about how all his friends get to do it. It will of course, not be practical to ban the use of the computer altogether, but what you can do, is to set up time limits for their sessions.

You can keep a ledger where all the timings are maintained and ensure that it does not cross the limits. You will also need to be present when your child is using the computer as you cannot rely on him, if he is already addicted to the computer. Once it becomes a habit to use it only for specific time-limits, you can test and see if he is maintaining his schedule. Also ensure that they are only using the computer after the rest of their work, including homework, is finished.

Don’t let them use the computer as soon as they are back from school, or as soon as they finish their food. These are the times when they are more addicted to its usage. Once they finish all their work, there will be very less time to dedicate to the computer. You can also look at getting some expert advice and get some sophisticated software to keep your computer locked in your absence. Keeping schedules and time limits and using the rest of the measures will greatly help to bring your kid back on track.

Try These Steps To Get Rid Of Your Child’s Computer Addiction - How To Stop Internet Computer Addiction Among Teens

Get a Common Hobby or Activity

Children take up free time as an excuse to sit in front of the computer, so the best way is to limit their free time as much as possible. You can enroll yourself and your kid to a common hobby which keeps him busy and occupied. You should also encourage him to take up more active part in outdoor games. When children are kept busy with other activities, the influence of the computer and the internet will slowly wear off, and they will be cured of the addiction.

Support and Help

The worst thing a parent can do is to use criticism and censure when dealing with an addicted child. There is no point in reprimanding them as they are not in a state of mind to appreciate your words. They are already into the mode of an addict and it requires only a single opportunity for them to go back to it. At this point of their life, children are easily influenced by peers and older children and tend to follow their habits. As parents, you will need to ensure that your kid has your complete support and that you are empathetic about his problem. When your children are aware that you are with them, to provide a security blanket, they can be more easily persuaded to understand and give up their compulsion.

Be Firm About Your Rules

Just because you are supporting your children in his troubles doesn’t mean that you will give in to their pleas and demands whenever they desire. Children are experts at manipulating their parents and know how to sway them by hitting on their weak points.

You will need to be very strict about whatever rules you have set up and not get influenced by any of their entreaties. If you give in once, then it will only encourage them to try their luck again. You will end up ruining all the efforts that you have put in and your hard work will go in vain. So, be there as a pillar of strength and not a catalyst for their weakness.

Get Outside Help

Sometimes the problem of addiction might be so far gone and serious that only your intervention might not be enough. The best course of action will be talk to a counselor, and get some professional help. Children respond easily to an outsider’s advice and are more open to listen to them. There is nothing wrong in getting professional help if it helps your child in the long run. You will also need to enroll the help and support of his teachers and maybe talk to the parents of his peers to see if anybody else is also facing a similar problem. Having another friend in the same boat might help your kid to better adapt to his situation.

Although it is very disturbing to see your child getting into the clutches of computer addiction so badly, you will have to be strong enough for your child. It might seem like a tough situation but following these steps will definitely help.


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