Tum Hi To Ho Movie Review, Tum Hi To Ho Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Tum Hi To Ho Movie Review, Tum Hi To Ho Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Tum Hi To Ho Movie Review, Tum Hi To Ho Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & RatingWe have been subjected to innumerable films about obsessive and murderous lovers before. And so when another movie comes along with the same plot, your expectations are not that high as you probably know where the plot would lead you.

And if the film’s cast consists mostly of unknown faces; your hopes about seeing a quality movie decrease double fold.

Set in the sunny locales of Goa (which don’t appear all that sunny in the film), ‘Tum Hi To Ho’ is one film that falls into the same trap. With a relatively new cast and a not so bright storyline to go along with it, the film falls flat on its face from the word ‘go’and never picks up even once during the entire runtime of 1 hour and 34 minutes.

‘Tum Hi To Ho’ starts off with the introduction of love birds Rajeev (Vipinno) and Anna (Madhavi Sharma) who apparently are so besotted with each other that they can’t think of a life without each other.

Sadly, that very notion is put to the test when Rajeev loses Anna in a tragic car accident. With Anna dead, the prospect of a bleak future forces Rajeev to fall into a state of deep depression. Even after undergoing treatment for the same, he is not convinced he can live without Anna.

And so, in a bid to end his life, Rajeev attempts suicide, only to be stopped by Pooja (Madhavi Sharma again!) who looks exactly like Anna.

Rajeev is convinced that Pooja is in fact Anna who has come back from the dead. And when the latter helps him from recovering from his depression, Rajeev falls in love with her all over again (remember? He thinks she is his lost love Anna).

Things take a turn for the worst when Rajeev finds out that Pooja is already married to Rahul (Sarvar Ahuja). In a desperate attempt to not lose his love again, Rajeev kills Rahul and pretends to be the latter’s interpretor.

Accordingly, Rajeev pulls of a scam in which he fools Rahul’s family into thinking that he can see and hear Rahul’s ghost. He pretends to communicate Rahul’s instructions to the latter’s bereaved family, one of which include marrying off Pooja to Rajeev (how quaint!).

Rajeev’s plans seem to work perfectly fine until a private detective (Jackie Shroff) enters the scene. With a mind as sharp as that of Sherlock Holmes, the detective begins to dig deeper into the case, threatening to expose Rajeev for the criminal he is. Whether the detective manages to capture Rajeev in the end or whether the latter succeeds in marrying the girl of his dreams forms the crux of the story in ‘Tum Hi To Ho’.

Nothing seems to work for ‘Tum Hi To Ho’ with its cast being the major drawback. Everyone looks stone faced and amateurish on screen. Even Jackie Shroff who wowed the audience with his marvellous portrayal of a ghost in ‘Bhoot and Friends’ fails to make a mark here and looks completely wasted.

Vipinno has wasted a good opportunity to showcase his acting prowess and looks misplaced and disiniterested for the most part of the film. Madhavi Sharma who appears in dual roles fails to impress with both performances. Dolly Bindra is her usual cantankerous self while Sarvar Ahuja is just decent enough to escape unscathed.

The narrative is filled with loopholes the size of basketballs which in turn make the screenplay tarnished and rough. The cinematography which covers most of Goa’s beautiful sites and sceneries is the lone saving grace in the film in addition to the passable music by Anand Milind.

On the whole, ‘Tum Hi To Ho’ has the word ‘Flop’ written all over it. This is probably one of those movies you would want to avoid at all costs, even if that means having nothing else interesting to watch on TV all day. Better stay away!

Director: Sanjay Goel

Cast: Vippino, Madhavi Sharma, Jackie Shroff, Late Vivek Shauq and Sarvar Ahuja

Rating: 1.5/5

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