Tummy toner

Tummy toner

Tummy toner - Crunch exercise - Tummy toning exercise - Abdominals exercise » Best Tummy TonersTired of letting it all hang loose? Or finally woken up to the fact that all you need is a bit of dedication to lay off beer-guzzling and do more than the occasional crunches to tone that belly-bulge up?

Whatever your reason for the wake-up call, help is at hand for beginners to tummy tone-up routines that work fast and show results – as good as the ones at any boot camp!

Start the season’s workout for tummy toning with alternating leg extensions combined with crunches; these exercises target the abdominals and are very effective for trimming your mid-section flab. You need to lie flat on your back, bend your knees and feet at floor level, taking care to keep the hip-width apart while interlocking your hands behind your head for support. Next, lift head, neck along with shoulders while extending your left leg a couple of feet off the ground; hold for 5-6 seconds, bend knee back inwards when you lower your upper body to the start-position and repeat the same with the right side. 10 each of these crunches (alternate sides) should see you in shape for the next, more advanced level of tummy toning exercise, given below.

The advanced level tummy toner move includes doing side extensions, which target the shoulder, core and obliques muscles (abs). You are required to stand with your feet apart, ensuring hip-width like before, keeping knees bent slightly and hold a water bottle above your head using both hands. Keeping shoulders down, lean your upper body a little forward, towards the right and hold for a couple of seconds before resuming the start-position of the exercise; repeat the move on the left side, doing 10 reps for each side.

Conclude your triple-move tummy toner workout with the toe-drop: this also targets the abs. Lying flat on your back, arms beside you (palm down), keep your knees at 90 degrees and calves parallel to the ground. Now concentrate on your abs and lower your left toes to touch the ground; lift your foot back and do the same with the right side. 25 repetitions with alternating legs and those fab-abs become a reality!

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