Turn a female friend into something more

Turn a female friend into something more

Turn a female friend into something more - Female friend - Your best female friend - In love with female friend » Turn a female friend into something moreGuys, if you want to turn a female friend into something, what is called more of a friend, then you must know where you are heading. Is it just you want to be his buddy, on whom she can rely upon, know that you are there with her through thick and thins or you want to flaunt in front of your friends as someone who is very special?

The approach
When you are going to date her for a couple of weeks or months, don’t be a jerk. Be sure about yourself and what you really want from the particular girl. After you start dating, your attitude makes her aware how you much you provide space for her in your life. If you want her to be your dating partner, act like a man. Don’t try to be her buddy and make her feel that you will be there with her day and night with whom she can share her girly puppy dog stories. Try to make an impression of that typical male who protects and safeguards his lady with the slightest notion of trouble.

Grabbing the attention
As you are trying to grab her attention, go by the dating rules and make yourself busy and unavailable. In the meantime be sure of your feelings and emotions. She may find you adorable and women have a natural tendency to turn a relation into friendship as this is the safest way to be with a stranger and especially with a man. And if you first try to form a platonic relationship with a girl and then end up saying that you have feelings for her, I bet that you are going to be sidelined.

We guys normally don’t know how to master their attraction on women. If you think you cherish her in your personal life and want her to be that fantastic girlfriend, start to work out your charm on her and sweep her off her feet instantly. You don’t have to worry about the rest and it will automatically get assured.

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