Types of Facials

Types of Facials

Types of Facials - Benefits of Facials - How to Prevent Acne | Tips on - Find TipsWhenever we think of getting a fresh look the word ‘facial’ comes instantly to our minds. The word in itself conjures up an image of a skin, which is hydrated and clear. But how many of us are actually aware about the types of facials that are available? More often than not we have to depend on the lady at the salon to do the job. But can we be always sure that she is doing the right job?

Wouldn’t it be prudent to do a research by ourselves before we went forward
with any of the jobs that are available? Here is a list of a few of the facials that are available in the market today:


These are best suited to normal skin type, which is not prone to acne. These involve simple cleansing, steaming and massage (the massage is for a longer period of time than in a simple clean up). And the best part is that these do not burn a hole in the pocket.


These are meant for people with sensitive skin hence face packs are applied keeping in mind the type of skin a person has. Not just face packs even special cleansing process as also skin rejuvenation process is involved to get the maximum benefits.


These are specially designed for persons who suffer from acne. These use ingredients and processes to cleanse, normalize and equalize to prevent further breakout of acne. These should be done at regular intervals, at least every two weeks, to bring the problem under control.


These just don’t cleanse, massage and rejuvenate but target dark circles under the eyes. It uses a bio-mask that helps to tone and tighten the skin hence giving a fresh and younger look.


Here, 24-carat pure gold creams are used which can penetrate the skin and improve the lymphatic drainage, remove toxins and help in the regrowth of skin cells.


This is suitable for all skin types and is an effective treatment against damages caused by the environment, wrinkles and dark circles.


This involves the use of paraffin mask specially designed and applied over layers of gauze. It helps to absorb the special creams better and hence bring the radiance to the face.


In this creams formulated with AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) are used for their anti-ageing quality. This helps the skin look healthier and is recommended for people who possess wrinkle prone or pigmented skin.

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