Types of Hair Conditioners

Types of Hair Conditioners

Types of Hair Conditioners - Moisturizing Conditioner - Deep Conditioner - Natural Oil | Tips on - Find TipsWe often tend to use products without realizing their real worth. Hair conditioner is one such product that we choose largely influenced by media advertisement. Although, hair conditioner is an extremely important product that gives our hair moisture and volume, but choosing a wrong hair conditioner will not help us in maintaining our hairstyle. Therefore, before purchasing a hair conditioner, make sure that it is the perfect one for your hair type.

Deep Conditioners
When you shampoo your hair, the natural oil of your hair is removed by the detergent present in your shampoo. Conditioner tends to replenish the lost natural oil, returning the shine of your hair. If your hair is dry or normal, a moisturizing conditioner or a deep conditioner will give you the much-needed oil. Deep conditioners containing humectants are best suited for coarse, dry and curly hair. For dry as well as normal hair, you can use conditioners, which have silicone, dimethicone, cetyl, stearyl alcohol, methicones or panthenol. Jojoba oil, avocado and shea butter based conditioners are good for moisturizing your hair. If your hair is extremely rough and unmanageable, which cannot be managed with the above hair conditioners, you can use EFA-based hair conditioners. EFA is similar to the natural sebum produced on our scalp.

Protein Conditioners
Deep conditioners should not be used if you have oily hair. It will make your hair become limper. If you have oily hair or if your hair is damaged, protein hair conditioners would give volume to your hair, making it appear thicker. In damaged hair, the conditioner adds a coating to the damaged outer cuticle, making it shiny. However, protein hair conditioners could not repair damaged hair. It works for a brief time, and need to be reapplied daily.

Acidifier Conditioners
Even though, acidifier conditioners could be applied on all types of hair, but they work best on fine hairs, which tend to be entangled easily. Having a pH between 3.5 and 2.5, this conditioner covers the outer cuticle of the hair, preventing each strand of hair from sticking to each other.

Detangling Conditioners
Detangling conditioners are similar to acidifier conditioners. However, these conditioners contain silicone, which adds more body and volume to the hair.

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