Types Of Tea

Types Of Tea

Types Of Tea - What are different types of tea - Health benefits of tea - Common types of tea » Your Tea Your TypeIt is believed that the type of tea you drink tells the type of person you are read on to see which category you fall into.

If you like to drink black strong tea with two sugars it is believed that you are the type person that has guts to get any job done and you are the guy people will seek out for the job. You always have the courage of your convictions and never fail to keep a commitment. The only problem is getting one out of you. You also look down on others who are not able to keep their commitments and shy away from such people. Unfortunately for you this trait makes others look upon you as a dominating kind of guy. The part of you they do not see is that you will suck your thumb behind a comfort blanket and shy away from thunderstorms, perhaps with your cuppa.

Your tea just does not quench your thirst for the brew if you are the type who likes strong black tea with no sugar at all. You are the type that sees the finer details of life and works that many other people will easily miss out. You always feel that the tide is against you and that you need to swim harder and faster, you always try to see life from a different point of view – perhaps trying to get a better picture than the one you don’t like presently. You should try to turn others in the type of tea drinker you are.

Weak tea with one sugar describes you as a righteous deliverer of justice. If anyone wants a frank opinion you are the one they would come to. You will not hesitate to tell a gal if her clothes do not suit her (not a good policy). You think you are very alert but are actually easily distracted and never hold a grudge. Always experimenting with newer thing in life and advising others about the right thing to do. Keep up the good work but lay of advising girls about their hair-do or clothing.

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