Understanding The Male Ego

Understanding The Male Ego

Understanding The Male Ego - How To Understand The Male Ego » Understanding Male EgoUsually men have fragile egos which, at the slightest of trespassing, can break like a piece of vulnerable chinaware. Dealing with male ego is the first step towards understanding men. Hurting the male ego can cause serious upheavals in your relationship making them distant and sometimes even angry. Understanding male ego can be a challenging task.

Our society has framed a stereotypical image of a man as the caretaker and the bread winner for the family. Most men tend to take this responsibility quite seriously. Any diversion from this role can sow the seeds of insecurity and resentment in a man and hurt his ego. Every man wants to stick to the image as perceived by the society and adhere to it.

Men have the tendency of expressing their opinion in every matter and giving their inputs in critical decisions. One has to be extremely tactful while dealing with this tendency of men because at times it can be quite frustrating. A woman can influence the decision of a man in her favor and handle this issue rationally. But this does not imply that you can take control over the man’s ego and make him work according to you. A better and wise approach would be to learn to work around his ego and arrive at decisions conducive to both man and woman.

Every man loves to be complimented and praised. Using positive affirmations with a man places the ball in your court and you can persuade the man to choose what you favor. However make sure that your compliments and praise sound genuine otherwise he is likely to know your hidden motives.

Humor within controlled limits is well-appreciated. However making jokes about a man’s appearance or his pay package can cause serious trouble for you by hurting his ego immensely. Exert caution while cracking jokes about his demeanor or personality or his work.

By following these precautions there are very little chances that you will offend the man in our life. Nonetheless if at certain instance you feel that his ego has been bruised, it is prudent to talk it out before the condition goes out of hand.

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