Unsaid things about boys

Unsaid things about boys

Unsaid things about boys - What boys want to reveal - Facts about boys - Boys want to tell » Unsaid Things: Boys Will Be BoysIf, boys were allowed to be boys…they would be able to grow up to be healthy both mentally and emotionally. Society, in general needs to stop trying to force boys to act like girls.

While, boys can be like Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk, who sent on an important errand to sell the family cow, sold her for a handful of magic beans. Well, boys are sometimes like that, but it seems fewer and fewer people are able to appreciate boyish behaviour, a boy’s thoughts and perceptions on how to approach the world. A great shame, because boys can be such fun, they can be so refreshing. Boys, when allowed to be boys, are so unlike girls, which is the way it should be. They tend to be more loyal, are not prone to tittle-tattle and gossip, they are more transparent and less into emotional game playing. Also, they tend to be more outspoken, pout less, are more honest and less manipulating.

One is never sure what a boy will pull out of a pocket, nor why he is forever kicking or throwing something. It is only because; boys especially young boys need to be physically and mentally active. They need to be kept away from the TV and taught to read early so that their imaginations and interests can be stimulated by a variety of books. They need to be challenged in school and life, and to be given fine male role models to emulate.

Boys need competition i.e. both competitive academics and competitive sports. But, they don’t need to be nagged all the time about keeping still and paying attention. Instead, teach them stimulating lessons to actively engage their minds. Keep their brains busy and you will find how well behaved they can be.

Some boys just need to move and are unable to control it. Show them how to make small body movements to relieve their stress, such as, quietly drumming their fingers, or swinging a foot, or tapping a toe.

Let boys be boys, and you will find once they are allowed to be themselves, they will relish the academic challenge and competition. To enjoy boys, bring humour into play when interacting with them. You will find humour makes all the difference in raising boys. There are a lot of unsaid things, but always keep in mind that boys will be boys!

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