Unusual Wedding Cakes

Unusual Wedding Cakes

Unusual Wedding Cakes - unusual lavender wedding cakes - unusual beautiful wedding cakes » Unusual Wedding CakesWedding cakes have come a long way in the past few years. For many decades, the traditional wedding cakes were a stable part of every wedding. Although there were subtle differences in layers, flowers and design, the basic wedding cake was a stoic expression of the new couple and their wedding vows.

The tide is turning when it comes to the way that couples are getting married, their weddings and of course their wedding cakes. Depending on the style of the wedding, the cake is an expression of the overall atmosphere of the wedding and a way for the couple to express themselves.

There have been a lot of additions to the wedding cake to make it unusual, waterfalls, fountains, bright colors; even cupcakes have been gracing reception halls everywhere in the past few years. But why is it that couples are feeling the need to express themselves in this way? Many bridal consultants are stating that couples are tired of the same old thing when it comes to weddings and wedding cakes. They do not want the same tired old look that their parents, and grandparents had.

Couples are really starting to express their individuality by means of their wedding. And tradition has changed in almost every area of the average wedding. It used to be that couples depended on their parents, especially the bride’s parents, to full or mostly fund the entire wedding. This left a lot of creativity and expression to the curb. Couples were not able to do everything they wanted to because they were limited to what their parents expected and paid for.

It is becoming an exciting venture to be a wedding planner these days. They have a lot more to work with in terms of imagination, and the couples have a lot more unusual ideas and themes to work with, which to a wedding planner is heaven. Brides are having a lot more versatility when it comes to the entire planning of their weddings. This is opening the door for exotic shapes and forms to take the shape of a wedding cake.

It is not just the shape or design of the cake that is making for the unusual wedding cakes we are seeing today, it is also the coloring and flavoring that offers a wide array of options to be available. From butterscotch to butternut, wedding cakes are available in about any flavor one can imagine.

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