UPA-II Government Completes 2 Years

UPA-II Government Completes 2 Years

UPA-II Government Completes 2 Years - The Good & Bad Of UPA-II GovernmentThe united progressive alliance got a thumbs up from the voters in 2009 to form the government for a second consecutive term. It was a decisive victory for the congress and its trusted allies. The voters confidence was reflective at Dalal street where the Sensex hit the upper limit mark for an unprecedented 2 times.

Such was the efficacy of this windfall victory for the UPa-2 , as it could have pushed for economic and social reforms without the nagging deterrent of the left parties.

Two years down the a scam battered UPA-2 suffers a credibility crisis which was conspicuous from the peoples mandate that it received in the 4 state assembly polls. Though it managed to regain power in Assam for a second straight term riding on the the regional charisma of the congress’s veteran Assam chief minister Tarun Kumar Gogoi ,But it had to face annihilation in Tamil Nadu where it had tied up with Karunanidhi’s DMK.

The AIADMK swept the Tamil Nadu polls with a brobdingnagian majority that even the pollsters weren’t prognosticating. This was largely due to their alliance with the DMK whose scam tainted image after the nefarious 2G spectrum took a major beating with the voters. Though the mismanagement of the state finances, paucity of electricity ,factionism within the DMK and sheer complicity were also valid reason for their defeat.

In Kerala as always it was a 5 yearly oscillation though it was a photo finish the congress led UDF came to power , but the 87 year veteran communist leader Achutanandan gave some jitters to the congress. Remember his ‘Amul Baby’ retort to Rahul Gandhi’s remark’s that he is too old to lead Kerala . The West Bengal election were swept by the Mamta Banerjee juggernaut , it was a vindication of her long political struggle against the left. It was a historic verdict and the combies were out of the writers building for the first time in 34 years. So these elections were more about parochial charisma and regional parties.

The Bad

This UPA-2 government is mired in scams and corruption allegations. The A-Z of spectrum have been a contentious issue for the government. The credibility and clean image of Dr.Manmohan Singh has taken a beating , so much so that he had to call for an interaction with leading print and visual media editors to convey to the nation his resolve on fighting corruption and bad governance. Last year was a year besmirched in scams , the 2G spectrum scandal which according to a CAG report is responsible of causing a loss of a whopping 1.76 lakh crore to the exchequer. It indicted a siting minister in the UPA-2 cabinet DMK’s Mr.A.Raja .

The P.M had to succumb to the oppositions and media pressure and finally A.Raja sobriquet spectrum Raja had to submit his resignation(even though the DMK showed solidarity with Raja and he was given a Hero’s welcome back in Chennai). Then came the Adarsh society scam which indicted congress chief minister of Maharashtra Ashok Chavan.

He was promptly sacked by the congress high command to set an exemplary precedent that gave out a stern message that the congress has zero tolerance towards corruption . Then it was the turn of the Common wealth games scams and the person in the eye of the storm was Mr.Kalmadi the organizing committee chairman of the CWG. The O.C of the CWG were alleged of serious corruption charges.

Then fingers started pointing at the PMO first after the S spectrum scam surfaced (the antrix and devas deal) which had the approval of the PMO and then after the PJ Thomas fiasco(CVC) which whose selection had the consent of the PM and the Home minister despite of the fact that he had a corruption case against him(Palmoline scam) and also the leader of the opposition Shusma swaraj had declined his selection as the CVC.Then there has been a nation wide inflation and price rise problem and the more recent fugitive list fiasco.

The Good

The UPa-2 has been scripted a rosy for India so far , Imperative bills on pension and banking reforms have been tabled in the parliament. The highly touted Direct tax code would be functional come next April.There has been a considerable effort to sell stakes in PSU’s(disinvestment). The GDP growth has returned to its growth trajectory. The lokpal anti-corruption bill is likely to be passed in the coming monsoon session of the parliament. The intricacies are being discussed by the government and civil society activists like Mr.Anna Hazare to draft a holistic bill to fight corruption and graft.

The UPA chairperson has also made her firm resolve to pass this bill very clear. The right to education bill that was passed by the UPA-2 is also one of the achievement of this government. There are many ambitious bills in the pipeline that would be passed in the coming Parliament sessions. One of the highly talked about bill which the UPA chairperson who is also the head of the national advisory council Mrs.Sonia Gandhi personally endorses is the food security bill and it is also likely to be given the green signal in the coming monsoon session.

Another bill which needs immediate attention is the land acquisition bill and after the violent ruckus in Bhatta Parsaul it is imperative for the government to bring in a new land acquisition bill. It would also help the congress gain political ground in Uttar Pradesh which goes to poll next year. Rahul has announced that U.P is his Karm bhoomi and he intends to bring back the congress in U.P after a gap of 22 years. The judicial accountability bill and the police reform bill are also to be tabled in the parliament in coming sessions.

At the half way mark the UPA-2 appears battered with a credibility crisis but it can change it with good governance and a positive intend. Mr.Singh is an economist par excellence but its time he asserts himself and redeem his government from the tag of being the most corrupt in India’s history and himself from being a lame duck P.M. The faith that the people reposed in the UPA-2 is fading fast due to plethora of scams and political gaffes ,its time that the UPA think tank and the congress high command get their act together .

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