Upper Abdominal Pain

Upper Abdominal Pain

Upper Abdominal Pain - Stomach pain - Epigastric problems - Inflammation of the gall bladder » Upper Abdominal PainStomach pain is one of the most common ailments which can occur due to a number of causes like overeating, infections, and due to various other reasons. However, it is necessary to pinpoint the exact location of the pain for right diagnosis and treatment. As the name suggest, upper abdominal pain occurs in the upper half region of the stomach and can range from being mild, severe and even chronic and long-lasting. Given below are some causes which might be related to upper abdominal pain.

If you have pain in the middle section of your upper abdomen, then it might be suggestive of some problem in the epigastric area related to pancreas, gall bladder and upper small intestine. Similarly, pain in left region of the upper abdomen is related with problems of stomach, colon and pancreas and pain in upper right abdomen can be an indication of inflammation of the gall bladder. The pain may extend to the center of your abdomen and penetrate to your back. Sometimes, the pain in this area can be caused due to an inflamed pancreas, colon or duodenum. Apart from these region specific causes of upper abdominal pain, there can also be some other causes contributing to this discomfort. Loss of blood supply to an organ can be one possible reason. Moreover, if you experience pain particularly after meals, then it can be related with gastric troubles, indigestion and heartburns. Excess production of acid in the body can also lead to the breaking of the lining of the stomach eventually leading to peptic ulcer. This in turn can lead to upper abdominal pain. In addition, upper abdominal pain can also result from other inflammations, such as diverticulitis and appendicitis.

Whatever be the cause, it is necessary to get this problem diagnosed on time for effective and timely treatment.

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