Use Of Guava For Treating Diseases

Use Of Guava For Treating Diseases

Use Of Guava For Treating Diseases - Health Benefits of Guava - Guava Health Benefits - Benefits of Guava | Tips on - Find TipsGuava is a nutritious fruit that contains many nutrients and helps to improve the health from many diseases. It is greenish yellow fruit that contains lots of white seeds inside.

Let us see some of the health benefits provided by Guava.


Guava has the richest sources of food fiber. The seeds content in guavas are an excellent source of laxatives. Guava help to retain water, form bowels, cleans the intestinal systems and the excretory system. It is a known fact that constipation leads to 72 types of ailments and therefore, guavas ensure that the digestive system is in proper order.

Cough & Cold

Both raw and ripe guavas and juice from guava leaves helps to get relief from cold and cough by disinfecting the respiratory system. It reduces the content of mucus and the amount of microbes because of its astringent properties. Guavas have iron and Vitamin C, which has proven to be a good defense against viral infections. In some parts of India, roasted ripe guavas are used as a natural medicine in the cases of extreme cough and cold.

High Blood Pressure

Guavas contain nutrients to reduce blood pressure considerable. It keeps the cholesterol levels under control and maintains the level of fluidity required in the normal flow of blood. Studies on guavas show that food stuff without fiber add to blood pressure because of quick the capacity to convert to sugar quickly. Guava is hypoglycemic in nature, which makes it rich in fiber content and thus reduces the blood pressure levels.


Guava is much more effective than many other fruits including orange and such citrus fruits when it comes to the talk of Vitamin-C whose deficiency causes scurvy and guava is the only remedy to scurvy. The content of Vitamin C in guavas is five times more than oranges.

Other Advantages

Where should I Start? I should begin with the fact that guava helps to protect prostate cancer, controls diabetes, its decreases the risk of cancer and juice of the leaves cure toothaches, oral ulcers & swollen gums, convulsions, bacterial infections and many more.

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