Useful Tips For Students To Improve Learning Skills

Useful Tips For Students To Improve Learning Skills

Useful Tips For Students To Improve Learning Skills - How To Help Your Kids Improve Their Study SkillsAs students we have all had our share of ups and downs, especially with respect to studies. It is very important to learn the art of effective learning because one has to remember what one has studied. For remembering what we have been taught in the classroom we need to have a good memory.

If you are a student or if you are wondering how to get your child to score well in his/her exams, then read on and gather insightful and helpful tips to improve your learning skills as well as your memory.

Eat well/Sleep Well

This might seem totally out of context, nevertheless it is very important to get sound sleep and eat a healthy diet. Make sure you eat well and include a lot of healthy foods in your diet. Avoid too much of junk or foods that are high in cholesterol as it makes one drowsy and tired. Instead include a lot of fresh juices, fruits and vegetables. If you desire a snack, then you can fix yourself some boiled sprouts, channa and soya.

Make sure you have your eight hours of sleep. Go to bed early and wake up early to study. It’s the early morning positivity and optimism that makes learning easier. Only if your body is well fed and rested, you will find it easier to study.

Take a Break

Make sure you don’t sit all day studying. Remember the old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Make sure you take breaks in between and do something which really makes you refreshed and relaxed. You can either hop out for a game of cricket or badminton or go for a walk. You will realize that this refreshes your mind and body and you will find it easier to resume studies.

Keep Reading over and Over again

Useful Tips For Students To Improve Learning Skills - How To Help Your Kids Improve Their Study Skills

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Keep reading the material over and over again. By doing this, you will be able to memorize it well. Another benefit is that once you close the book, you will be able to picture in your head as to which point comes where and once you recollect the page layout, your will be able to recollect all the points well. Keep reading even if you have it thoroughly in your mind.

Make Notes

This is a very effective tip. Whatever you study, note down the important points. Do not write in complete sentences. Instead just jot down the key words. This will help you remember the answers without missing out any points. Also these notes will come handy for last minute revising because when you are running short of time before the exam, you can just skim through to recollect the main points.

Draw and Learn

Sometimes when you find a certain passage too hard to grasp, you can make use of diagrams and figures. Draw your own pictures and let your imagination run wild. You can draw and make your own interpretations of your drawings and also allot your own meanings to it. Once you have figured out your own drawing, it will help you remember what you have studied. In the exams you can draw the picture in the rough column and then recollect the answer easily.

Teach others what you’ve learnt

Useful Tips For Students To Improve Learning Skills - How To Help Your Kids Improve Their Study Skills

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If you want to make it absolutely sure that you have learnt your answer well, then teach others. Once you teach others, you will acquire new perspectives and also get a thorough hold of the subject. Make sure you explain the material in your own words because during the exam you will remember it better this way. All you have to do is frame it correctly while writing.

Time Yourself

Make sure you time yourself and make it a point to stick to the time allotted. However, it is not completely mandatory to panic when you run behind schedule. Be a little easy on yourself and put in all the efforts to complete whatever you have assigned for the day.

Avoid Last Minute Studies

It is better to make a time table before the exams and equally important to follow it honestly and diligently. Study a little every day so that you are not in trouble a day before the exam. Make a realistic time table and study every day. Also make sure you revise what you have learnt the previous day, as this way you will be ensuring that you don’t forget what you had previously learnt.

Keep Revising

This is very important. Whatever you have learnt, make it a point to revise. Keep revising it again and again and always find time to revise or skim through what you have already learnt. The best way to do this is to start by revising what you already know and then move on to the new material.

Do not Multi Task

Do not watch the television or listen to music while you are studying. It is a big distraction. Make sure you focus entirely on your books and keep away all distractions. You can opt for music and television when you take small breaks while studying. Also decide on a place to study. A place that is free from all kinds of distractions, noises and people.

Do your Research

Always make sure you do your bit of research because, this will help you acquire a detailed knowledge of the subject. Once your curiosity sparks off, you will find your material more interesting. Extra information will also enhance your answers and fetch you more marks.

These are some tips that students can practice to improve their learning skills. It’s very important to first understand yourself and your capacity. You have to experiment and find out which method of learning helps you best. Once you get the grasp of that, learning will be more fun and interesting. Follow these useful tips and you will surely meet success in your exams. Most importantly hard work, dedication and great conviction is required. Success meets only those who are self-motivated to work towards it.

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