Uses Of 3D Ultrasound During Pregnancy

Uses Of 3D Ultrasound During Pregnancy

Uses Of 3D Ultrasound During Pregnancy - Benefits Of 3D Ultrasound During PregnancyThere was a time when women who are pregnant had no choice but to wait for the baby in the womb to come out to see their beautiful faces. Technology has advanced so much that today women can enjoy and adore their foetuses even while they are in the womb. 3D ultrasound scan technology has made these possible for expectant parents.

A decade ago, ultrasounds were used only for detecting anomalies and problems during the fetal development stage. Now the bonding as well as visual enhancement has been added to the scan process that expectant mothers and fathers can bask in the glory of watching their fetus turn topsy turvy, suck its thumb and even direct a smile at them, depending on what stage of pregnancy you are undertaking the scan.

What is 3D Ultrasound

A 3D ultrasound is basically an ultrasound scan that offers a clearer and more vivid image of the baby in the womb. While a 2D scan would direct only a single bean of sound wave which passes through the fetus and reflects it back, giving a grainy black and white image that lacks in depth, the 3D experience remains to be seen to understand its benefits.

In a 3D ultrasound scan, the sound waves are directed from strategic angles and when they are reflected back, they give a fuller, 3 dimensional image that gives depth, colour and contours to the image, rendering it vividness and quality that is on par with a video image.

Benefits of 3D Ultrasound

Apart from the aesthetic and visual experience that is fully satisfying for the parents, there are many benefits of doing a 3D ultrasound. The anomalies that are present in a fetus may not be very clearly visible in a 2D ultrasound.

However, a 3D scan gives a clearer and more vivid picture from which the abnormalities can be scrutinised on a wider scale. Abnormalities like a cleft lip, heart valve deformities and club foot can be easily diagnosed from 3D images which are very clear. 3D images can also detect the abnormalities the mother may have which can pose a risk to vaginal birth.

Elective 3D

As 3D ultrasound scans are not part of the normal procedure, it is an elective process that can be chosen by the parents of the fetus, partly for the bonding experience or even for diagnostic purposes. An elective ultrasound will provide you with images and if needed video images well which can be taken home and cherished as memories that you can always go back to.

Risk Factors

Though ultrasound scans are generally considered safe for the mother and the baby when done by a registered technician or an obstetrician, it is not advisable for pregnant mothers to do them several times throughout their pregnancy, unless it is medically essential to monitor the development of the baby and the health of the mother.

They are used extensively to detect anomalies early on so that corrective measures can be taken while the fetus is still inside the womb. Scans also make the mothers better prepared in case an emergency is to be expected.

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