Uses Of Clay In Cosmetology » Uses Of Clay In Cosmetology

Uses Of Clay In Cosmetology » Uses Of Clay In Cosmetology

Uses Of Clay In Cosmetology » Uses Of Clay In CosmetologyClay is no longer fired in furnaces for artistic purposes, today its usage is extended to beauty, health, therapeutic and naturopathic treatments. There are a number of different varieties of clay, all of which play diverse roles in various other sectors.

However, extending its potential in the field of Cosmetology, a natural and most important beauty aid, clay promises healthy and glowing skin. The inherent nutrients to be found in clay, provide nourishment that beautifies the skin.

However, we cannot just use plain unearthed clay, but have to treat it with herbs and other ingredients for effective cosmetology purposes. Neem and Tulsi are some of the active ingredients that co-act with clay and together are useful for cosmetic purposes. As for clay, since it contains a lot of minerals, it helps to diminish by filling up skin pores. A clay skin cleansing mask helps remove sebum from clogged up pores, including dead cells and offers the best treatment for acne prone skin. Clay is also very beneficial in the form of facemasks to help beautify facial skin.

Of the many different types of clay, Moroccan red clay is used as an additive or main ingredient in beauty masks, soaps and lotions. Mixed with honey and olive oil it makes an excellent mask for dry skin. But, if you suffer from oily skin, just mix it with plain water.

Volcanic clay i.e. made from volcanic ash is a natural aid for removing dead cells, pollution deposits on the skin, build-up and toxins, helping to polish skin and hair, making them soft and shiny.

For getting rid of an itchy scalp, a thin, liquid preparation of white clay serves as a wonderful hair pack before shampooing. Kaolin is a type of very fine white clay has wonderful drawing and tightening qualities that absorb oily skin surface secretions, helping to rejuvenate skin making it oil, pimple and acne free. Organic white clay is used as an effective absorber of body odour in cosmetology including for baby care and in masks that also functional as deodorants. Not only is it useful in cooling the skin but also helps to relax facial muscles.

Black clay on the other hand, with the ability to draw excess fluid from the body, is used as a clay body wrap to help lose extra calories, rather than a beauty aid. Whereas, red clay due to its inherent binding and firming properties is employed for treating broken callipers and bags under the eyes. While, green clay helps to cleanse, exfoliate and soften the skin.

Thus, clay is a useful cosmetology product, not only as a cleanser but also provides excellent nourishment not only for the skin but also the hair.

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