Uses of Different Kinds of Body Oils

Uses of Different Kinds of Body Oils

Uses of Different Kinds of Body Oils - Different Kinds of Body Oils - Body Oils - Different Types of Body Oils | Tips on - Find TipsBody oils are used for treating various kinds of skin problems and other diseases. Body oils can be used to treat health conditions like joint pains, stress, headaches, menopause, insomnia, nausea, sinusitis, sprains, relaxation, arthritis and more. Various oils used commonly are olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, almond oil and the tea tree oil.

Uses of Different types of Body oils

You can use different oils at the different parts of body or can use same oil for whole body.

Mustard oil and sesame oil can be used on whole body. They are very good for treating various joint pains if given light massage over the affected area after slightly heating them. Sesame oil can be used all the year round but mustard oil is good in winters as it have warm effect.

Mix equal quantities of almond oil and the olive oil and keep it in a bottle. As we frequently use soap to wash our hands, our hands gets dry. Apply this oil mixture at night to tackle dryness of hands.

Skin of our face is very sensitive and reacts very quickly to everything applied on it. You should use oils according to your skin type. If you have dry skin or normal skin, apply Jojoba oil. For oil skin, peppermint oil, cypress oil, camphor oil and clove oil are the best. Olive oil is the safest for most sensitive skins.

As is the case with skin, oil application in hair should also be according to the skin type. For normal hair, coconut oil is the good choice. If you have dry hair, use mustard oil. For oily hair, you can have a mixture of aroma oils and vegetables oils. Almond oil, emu oil and aloe Vera oil are good if you want to lustrous and bouncy hair. Almond oil can be applied to reduce under eye circles.

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