Using mobile phone while driving

Using mobile phone while driving

Using mobile phone while driving - Risk of using a mobile phone while driving - Effects on driving while using mobile phone » Are you using mobile phone while drivingNo matter how many times our elders told about the ill-effects of using cell phones while driving, but how many of us have taken their advices seriously. Well I think not even thirty percent. Isn’t it? But whether you like it or not, it is one of the major reasons for number of accident that are happening nowadays. Even doctors have now recently stated that talking on cell phones while driving is as fatal as driving your car after drinking. It can lead to various disastrous major mis-happenings.

Do you know that using a mobile phone while driving can affect the cognitive functions of a person, distract his or her visual concentration and also the speed of processing information? Are you feeling Scared after reading this? Well it has been also proved that use of cell phones while driving puts a driver at a significantly higher risk of collision by distracting his or her mind. It hardly matters whether the person makes use of hands free or hand-held phones, there’s no escape to it. This deadly combo has significantly increased the risk of accidents in large numbers.

Certainly there has been large number of figures that shows that people have used their mobile phones just before their accidents. Studies have shown that if people reduce their usage of cell phone while driving, it can cut off the accident rates too. So next time if your cell rings, make sure to answer your phone call only after when you reach your destination and not in-between the way.

since long, we all have heard about the dangers of mixing alcohol with driving, but its time to a put a ban on the use of cell phones too while driving to keep yourself and others at safe mode.

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