Using The Internet Keeping Your Child Safe

Using The Internet Keeping Your Child Safe

Using The Internet Keeping Your Child Safe - Teach Your Child How To Use The Internet - Harmful Effects Of The Internet » Is Your Child Using Internet? Read This Out!Do your child spent most of his or her time on internet either for blogging, messaging or downloading music or for surfing the information. Well if yes, then certainly you need to become more cautious. Undoubtedly this is computer age, and internet is an integral part of most students’ lives today.

But at the same time it is very important to see that your children use internet for constructive purposes only.

No doubt students today are techno savvy, but they need to be taught about the harmful effects of the internet so that they don’t become victims of technology. so if you think your child is spending more part of his or her day with computers instead of playing out or being with family, then certainly have words with her or her.

You will be surprised to read that 58 percent of teens post their photos and their personal information on social networking sites. Not only this, but at times they even post information regarding where they live along with their cell numbers. But make sure you tell your child that nothing is private once it goes on the internet.

Youngsters fail to understand that everything becomes public once it is uploaded on the internet. Though various social networking sites give an option of locking the pictures and videos, but they are secured only to an extent. Thus don’t forget to advise your kinds not to share his or her personal information on internet.

Also tell your child not to trust every person and most importantly, sign out when they are done. Have a firewall installed, to see the updates and follow regularly to ensure that the computer is protected against virus. Tell your child not to reply unknown screen names plus never open e-mails or any attachment from strangers.

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