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Val Kilmer Films

Val Kilmer Films - Val kilmer film biography - Val kilmer movies - Val Kilmer filmography » Val Kilmer FilmsSince his first film in 1984 named “Top Secret” there has been no looking back for Val Edward Kilmer. Val, as his friends know him, portrayed a top singer Nick Rivers in the movie and actually sang the numbers and cut an album named “Rivers‘. Val has appeared in a number of other films such as The King of Porn, True Romance, heat to name a few.

Perhaps Val will be best known for portraying the Rock and Roll icon Elvis Presley in the film True Romance, given that Elvis has a following all over the world it was no wonder that the film was a hit with people from all walks of life thronging to the theatres to ensure their legend was not portrayed in bad light.

One of Val Kilmer’s most memorable films I can recall was Tombstone. Val plays the role of the legend Doc Holiday a very close friend of lawman and bounty hunter Wyatt Erp. Val stands by Erp through thick and thin and takes on the outlaws called the ‘Cowboys’ of the Wild West and all this after Erp has hung up his guns as a lawman. Val displays a true sense of humor and is the character that keeps the movie going with his quick witted remarks. The saddest part is the way he dies in isolation – but then history cannot be changed.

Then lest we forget ‘Batman‘! It may have come as shock to many to see a blond batman but Val was the only blonde actor to ever play Batman, but Val is very choosey when it comes to choosing roles and is a very private person – one reason he is seldom in the news and has literally avoided stardom even after blockbuster productions that include Dirty dancing, Indecent Proposal, Backdraft, Dune and Silver just to name a very few. But Val is content with his achievements as an actor in Hollywood and especially after meeting his true love on the sets of “willow‘. Johanne Whalley and Val married in 1987 and are living a happy and contented life together.

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