Valentine day ideas

Valentine day ideas

Valentine day ideas - Dress up - Ideal first dates - Body massage » Things to do on Valentines DayValentine is a time of love. But for some men, it is a time to make or break with their girlfriends. If you want to keep your girlfriend after Val’s day you must get some things right. There are a lot of things you can do on Valentine’s Day to keep your relationship going.

Ask the question
This is the time to ask that question that has been lingering in your mind. You feel you are tired of the single life, you think you have the right look in your eyes, then this is the time to propose to her.

Dress up
This is the time you have to impress her with your dressing. Dress up like someone going to the opera and take her to a restaurant for a dinner. Even if you want to have dinner at home, you must still dress up. One you dress up, everything you decide to do become special on that occasion. She will feel special too.

You can take a few days’ vacation if your budget and your work allow it. You can go to a spa or a ski resort.

Do your homework
You can stay at home and watch a romantic movie while you try to know each other better. However, this is not ideal for first dates. Couples who have been together for a long time will enjoy this one most.

Fake tourists
You can rent a hotel room and pretend you are tourists in your own city or town. In that case you avoid having to clean the bedroom afterward. That is something exciting about that.

Get a massage
You can reserve a double massage for both of you. If you can’t afford a full massage both of you, you can go for one for her. It is good you take time to relax together. After all, it is a day for lovers, not a day for girlfriends. You should aim at spending it together. A spa will be perfect.

Physical activity
This should be one that will get your heart beating. This could be something like ice skating or a hike in the woods. You can take her to painting shop or a pottery shop where you can share ideas. You should aim at something unpredictable.

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