Vanquish for Xbox 360 Review and Features

Vanquish for Xbox 360 Review and Features

Vanquish for Xbox 360 Review and FeaturesRecently released Vanquish is an amazing third person shooter game for Xbox 360. The game is a cover based 3rd person shooter game and has a completely different feel when it comes to the overall pace of the game. Opponents or villains include huge robots, armoured vehicles, and helicopters with lights that zap you. The game is different from other games of its genre as it keeps the player on their toes throughout the time taken to play a game.

The speed and flow of the game is greatly enhanced by two features which set it apart from other 3rd person shooter games like Gears of War and Army of Two. First, the players can switch on a booster on their armoured suits which enable s them to slide around the battlefield at high speeds. The second feature is in contrast to the first and is called the AR mode, which gives users the ability to slow down time and play in slow motion, which creates amazing effects which no other game has, as of yet.

The game is all about continuous motion from one place to another and the cover is not meant for complete protection as enemies can challenge you from sides, form the air and from the front. Only moving forward can keep you alive in this action packed game. The enemies are no weaklings and each enemy is a challenge. Add to it the extra challenging fights that the level bosses have waiting in the end make the Vanquish for Xbox 360 a great feel.

Vanquish for Xbox 360 Review and Features

Weapon transformations include machine guns, shot guns, guns firing spinning discs. The sound effects are extremely good with each shot reverberating with a resounding thump to make you feel every moment of this action packed game. Apart form the army of enemies, there are friendly figures too that join you while fighting off robots and zombies. The boss fights are great and make it almost compulsory for you to switch between AR and normal modes adding to the great, movie like feel of the game. This is one game that is sure to hit the popularity charts among new xbox 360 games and stay there for a long time.

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