Various Kinds of Eggs for your Diet

Various Kinds of Eggs for your Diet

Various Kinds of Eggs for your Diet - Numerous Varieties of Eggs - Nutrients in Eggs - Eggs for Health Conscious - Common Misconception about Eggs | Tips on - Find TipsOrganic, premium, vegetarian; there are numerous varieties of eggs in the market. Have a look:


These eggs come from birds kept in barns, separated into pens. So the hens have enough moving around space to socialize!!! It is believed that happier and healthier hens produce better quality eggs.

Regular eggs

Standard eggs are usually produced from hens kept in small cages, often with minimum of moving space. They are fed a high-protein diet of antibiotics, hormones and other performance enhancers; resulting in high output and minimum maintenance cost. They are cheaper in the market.


Organic eggs are produced from hens fed with an organic feed; devoid of any pesticide, herbicide or fertilizer. Neither are the birds fed with antibiotics, hormones or meat products to fatten up. The eggs are not given any artificial coloring or vitamins once they are laid. Organic eggs differ in taste than the regular variety and much costlier.

Brown or White

Eggs are either brown or white. The breed of hens differentiates the color. The hens with white body lay white eggs and those with red feathers and ear-lobes lay brown eggs. It is common misconception that brown eggs are more nutritional than white ones. Brown eggs are expensive simply because the hens laying them are larger and cost more to feed and maintain.

Omega- 3

When hens are fed with a special diet of canola, linseed and flex seed; they produce Omega-3 rich eggs. This variety is popular among health-conscious people.

Nutritionally enhanced eggs

Nutritionally enhanced eggs are produced from hens fed with a nutritionally-enhanced diet rich with nutrients like foliate, lutein and vitamins (E, B-6, and B-12). Best produce is from the younger hens since they are the prime of their reproductive cycle. These eggs have stronger shells, thicker white and have lesser cholesterol.


Eggs have profound use in confectionery, bakery, medicine and cosmetics. Therefore to enhance shelf-life; food companies have come up with pasteurized eggs in liquid, frozen or dried form. Devoid of shells they are added with preservative, color and flavor. Enhancing their shelf-life.

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