Veg Breakfast Specialities: Potato Paratha Recipe

Veg Breakfast Specialities: Potato Paratha Recipe

Veg Breakfast Specialities: Potato Paratha Recipe - Recipe for Indian Potato Paratha Method to Prepare Lassi - Aloo Paratha Recipe | Tips on - Find TipsInstructions to prepare the dough for paratha

Take atta, to this keep adding small quantities of water till it does not stick to your hand. The second it sticks to your hand, stop adding water. Add a little more atta and mix it. Add salt to taste and mix this. All 1 spoon of groundnut oil to this and mix till the color of the dough changes. Your paratha dough is ready.

Peel the skin of 4 potatoes and cut each potato into 12 pieces. Cook it in a cooker for 20 minutes either in an oven or cooker along with some salt to taste (in water). After this is done, remove the water from the potatoes and mash it using a masher.

Cut 1 onion into small pieces. Heat a pan and put 1 spoon of groundnut oil to this. After it heats add 1 spoon of cumin seeds to this. After it turns black in color without charring it add the onions and fry it. Add ¼ spoon of turmeric and add the mashed potatoes to this and mix it well. You can add coriander leaves and green chilies also to this.

Now make slightly bigger balls out of this dough and make them into round shape using a roller. See to that the rolled paratha is thick, add the prepared onion- potato side dish to this and make it into big round shape.

Now put it on a pan which is heated. Heat it on either side by putting some oil or ghee. If you are diet conscious don’t put oil or ghee. Your hot potato paratha is ready to be served.

This tastes awesome with any type or chutney or curd.

After you eat this drink lassi, it gives you a really different feeling.

Method to prepare lassi
Take thick curd. Add sugar to this and beat it extremely well. Your lussi is ready.

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