Vertical Gardens for Home Decor

Vertical Gardens for Home Decor

Vertical Gardens for Home Decor - Home Decoration Ideas » Vertical Gardens For Home DecorRoof and kitchen gardens have long been used to decorate our homes and add life to them. These days you can find plenty of houses sporting roof gardens and kitchen gardens. Everyday new concepts of home decor come into being and one such new concept includes Vertical gardening. Vertical gardening is style of gardening in which plantation can be grown on the wall with the use of certain techniques. The common methods of plantation include loose mediums, structural mediums and mat mediums.

Loose Medium style of vertical gardening involves creating holes or spaces in the wall and stuffing them with soil. But care must be taken while picking urea, soil and saplings to prevent the floor from getting dirty. This technique is mainly used for in-house plantation in living room area where the plants can be replanted or changed after at least a season.

Mat Medium is the most preferred and easy method of vertical gardening. Its convenience lies in the fact that in this technique, steel containers or cardboard boxes are used to stuff the soil. This allows a tight hold over the soil and prevents it from spilling on the floor. A variety of plants like trumpet vine, passion flower, ivy, wisteria, etc can be planted to give your living room a new and beautiful look.

Structural mediums use boxes of various sizes and shapes to grow plants. Then these plants can be suspended so as to hang from the wall or to climb a wall along the fences. This technique is advantageous as it can last for a very long time and does not require to be broken down before 7-8 years. Moreover space constraint does not apply in this case as you can grow this plantation within the house and outside the house as well along with the fences or wall beds.

Apart from the purpose of beautifying your living room area, Vertical gardening has the added advantage of hiding damaged walls or ugly paints and patterns. You can make maximum use of your limited space by incorporating vertical gardens in your homes.

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