Vikalp Movie Review

Vikalp Movie Review

Vikalp Movie Review - Vikalp Story, Movie Review, Cast And RatingNot freqeuently do we get to see movies with unique storylines. And if the movie’s central plot revolves around something as important as hacking, it is enough to generate at least some amount of curiosity among movie goers.

Director Sachin Karande’sVikalp’ comes at a time when hacking and hacktivists are at an all time high (thanks to the recent episodes relating to WikiLeaks). The film focuses on the flipside of the internet which is normally considered as a boon in today’s high paced world. The entire story of Vikalp revolves around hackers and the more dangerous effects they can have on the society.

The film stars Deepal Shaw as the timd, bespectacled Rishika Gandhi who is a middle class girl from Maharastra. What she lacks in social skills, she makes up for it with her immense knowledge of computers and most importantly the hacking network.

The active hactivist that she is, Rishika is one day chucked out of the Mumbai based IT Company in which she works. Owing the reason to a technical goof up, her boss fires her and Rishika is left with nowhere to turn to.

When she gets snubbed by her boyfriend (due to family pressure), she loses her cool and moves off to Bangkok where she lands what she feels is her dream job in a Bangkok based software company. Settling down in her job quickly, Rishika is happy that she has finally managed to find the company that respects her for her talents and not her social background.

Vikalp Movie Review - Vikalp Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

However, a few months into the job and Rishika begins to realise that things are not what they seem to be at the firm. Doing a little detective work reveals the truth. To her horror, Rishika realises that the firm she is working for is actually a false façade behind which a terrorist group is using her hacking skills to engage in criminal activities (to fund their arms supplies).

Being indirectly involved in these criminal activities, the underconfident Rishika must find a way to get herself out of the trouble that she had landed in. How she manages to do that and turn in the terrorist group forms the rest of the story.

A film on hacking might have been a bit tech savy for certain individuals. However, there’s nothing like that in Vikalp where the plot unwinds slowly, with little or no action till the first half is over.

The film begins to pick up in pace during the second half and has a few unexpected twists and turns that make it interesting to watch the proceedings on screen. However, you can’t possibly classify it as a movie belonging to the thriller category due to the flaws that crop up here and there.

Accordingly, the drama in the film is insignificant and lacks the punch that is required of a fast paced thriller. Almost all the characters in the movie have their own characteritic traits which let you realise who the bad guys are even before they are actually revealed, a big drawback for a thriller.

The climax is abrupt and too convincing to believe. And the film could very well have done without the songs and romance sequences that hinder its pace at regular intervals. At one point you see Rishika fighting it out with binary codes and numbers and then suddenly she is singing and dancing in a fantasy world. The director could have edited the screenplay and tweaked it around a bit in order to provide us with a more robust script.

Vikalp Movie Review - Vikalp Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Another area in which the film is lagging is promotional activities. The film has a small, not to well known cast which essentially should have made the producer realise that promoting the film well would have been the only way to make the audiences realise the movie’s worth. However, that was not the case and so, when Vikalp released, not too many were aware that such a movie released on the same day as ‘No One Killed Jessica’.

Deepal Shaw shines as Rishika Gandhi. The two film old actress is one of the most under rated stars in Bollywood and though her earlier films (Kalyug and A Wednesday) fared well at the box office, the actress was overshadowed by other actors, thus making it hard for the audiences to realise her acting potential.

Deepal has managed to give a fine performance in Vikalp and holds your attention for the most part as she defeats the bad guys in their own game. The other actors have given out decent performances as well.

On the whole, if Vikalp runs, it would run for its unique storyline and Deepal Shaw’s performance.If one manages to forget all the blunders and flaws, it would actually be possible to enjoy the film which has a run time of a little over 2 hours.

Director: Sachin Karande

Cast: Deepal Shaw, Nirmal Pander, Alok Nath, Akshay Singh, Kranti Jha, Chetan Pandit, Pankaj Berry and Abhijeet Lehiri

Rating: 3/5

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