Visit Disneyland in Hong Kong

Visit Disneyland in Hong Kong

Visit Disneyland in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Disneyland - Disneyland Hong Kong - Disneyland in Hong Kong | Tips on - Find TipsDisneyland has grown from a United States based family attraction to a nationwide activity park. The newest location is in Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong. The international theme park which is home to the Magic Kingdom opened its doors on September 12, 2005. Hong Kong Disneyland is the fifth Disneyland Park in the world.

It spans 100 acres of the island and welcomes over 34,000 visitors daily. Hong Kong International Theme Parks joined with The Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong government to open the park to residents and tourists.

The theme park incorporates the wonders of the American Disneyland with Chinese cultures and traditions. The theme park was designed using the rituals of Feng Shui. Cast members speak a variety of languages including English, Chinese, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Hong Kong Disneyland offers its theme park goers the same attractions as the United States’ Disneyland. Visitors can enjoy the settings of “Main Street, U.S.A”, “Fantasyland”, “Adventureland”, and “Tomorrowland”. At the current time there are thirty-one themed areas with plans for expansion.

Main Street, U.S.A. is home to the well known Disneyland characters such as Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy Duck, and Goofy and Pluto. Main Street, U.S.A. is filled with many different forms of entertainment for the whole family including the Animation Academy, Disney on Parade, the newly added High School Musical: LIVE!, and the Muppet Mobile Lab.

Adventureland takes children and their families on a jungle adventure on the Jungle River Cruise, the Raft to Tarzan’s Tree house and the Festival of the Lion King. Here visitors can meet Timon and Prince Caspian.

In Fantasyland, children can dream big with their friends Cinderella, Prince charming, Belle, Princess Aurora, and Snow White. They can take a spin on Cinderella’s Carousel, tour the Fantasy Gardens, visit Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, and hear the story of The Sword in the Stone. Maybe they’ll even try to remove the sword!

Tomorrowland looks towards the future. And there is no futuristic character better than Buzz Lightyear to host Tomorrowland. Children can experience the future by traveling through Space Mountain, Orbitron, Autopia, and the UFO Zone.

The park has many family style accommodations both on the premises and nearby. The two primary hotels are Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.

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