Vulvodynia causes

Vulvodynia causes

Vulvodynia causes - Symptoms of Vulvodynia - Vulvodynia Treatments - Pain During Sexual Intercourse » VulvodyniaAs the name suggests, Vulvodynia, literally and medically means “pain of the vulva.” Many women suffer from this problem and thus it is essential to understand its causes and symptoms to effectively deal with such problems.

When it comes to women related problems, many women hesitate to talk about it openly, be it because of shyness, discomfort or simply due to social stigma attached with open discussion of women topics. However, being aware of the problem is the best way of dealing with it in an effective manner.

If you have a chronic pain and discomfort in your vulva region, then it can be described as Vulvodynia. Along with chronic pain that can range from mild to severe, Vulvodynia is characterized by irritation and a burning or stinging feeling near the vagina.

Women suffering from this problem often face from painful sexual intercourse and in some women, the pain can be so severe that it completely disrupts the sex life of a person.

While the exact cause of this problem is not defined, medical science link it with various factors. The primary being that of post menopausal age. Post menopausal women are mostly affected by this problem and its chances seem to increase particularly if you are white in color. Why this discretion is still not known.

If you have had frequent yeast infections, then too you are at a higher risk of Vulvodynia. There are also certain triggers that can lead to this problem or aggravate the condition.

For example, certain irritants like shampoo and soaps with harsh chemicals can lead to pain as well as inflammation of the region. Thus, practice proper hygienic condition as that is a must for not only preventing this problem, but various others.

Also, if you face the above given symptoms, then you must consult your doctor for timely treatment.

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