Wakatipu Lake

Wakatipu Lake

Wakatipu Lake - Trip to Queenstown - Queenstown - South West New Zealand World Heritage Area - Bungee Jumping | Tips on - Find TipsQueenstown, located adjacent to Lake Wakatipu in the Southern Lakes District of New Zealand, is a popular destination for international travelers. This cosmopolitan town is noted for its natural beauty and its numerous adventure sports activities. Surrounded by the scenic Alpine hills, Queenstown is often called the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’.

Wakatipu Lake

Queenstown is located on the bank of the 5km wide Lake Wakatipu. According to a Maori folklore, the lake was formed when a giant named Matau who kidnapped the daughter of a Maori chief was burnt to death in his sleep, which melted the surrounding ice to form the Lake. The ‘S’ shape of the lake represents the sleeping posture of Matau. Every five minutes, the water of the Lake rises and falls by about 12cm. The Maori legend has it that Matua’s heart could not be destroyed, which causes the regular change in the water level. A popular way of exploring this beautiful lake is to go on the Earnslaw cruise. This steamship was originally designed to carry cattle and passengers to high country station. Since 1984, the ‘Lady of the Lake’ is a mode of sightseeing in Queenstown.

Te Wahipounamu-South West New Zealand World Heritage Area

The valleys, mountains and the forests of this breathtakingly beautiful region is a popular place for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, bungee jumping and jet boating tours. The Mount Aspiring National Park, the Fiordland National Park, the Westland or Tai Poutini National Park and the Aoraki or Mount Cook National Park are located here.

Bungee Jumping

Queenstown has several renowned bungee jumping spots. Adventure sport enthusiasts love to take a bungee jump from the Kawarau Bridge situated on the Kawarau River. The Nevis Highwire bungee jump is located on the Nevis Valley overlooking the Nevis River. Adventurers take a jump from a runway located 400 meters above Queenstown in the Queenstown Ledge Urban Bungee Jump. From the same place, you can also ride the Skyline Gondola to enjoy Sky Swing over Queensland.

Jet Boating

The Kawarau and the Shotover rivers flanking Queenstown are popular jet boating sites. Adventure tours, such as the Triple Challenge, provides opportunities to go on jet boat ride on Shotover river, white water rafting between Cascade rapid and the Deep creek and a helicopter ride over the Skippers Canyon.

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