Want to follow south beach diet

Want to follow south beach diet

Want to follow south beach diet - Lose Weight with The South Beach Diet - South Beach Diet for Beginner - South Beach Diet Review » Want to follow south beach diet? Read this!Thinking to try out the south beach diet? But do you know that this diet is based on Mediterranean cuisine, which is widely regarded as the world’s healthiest diet. So you can be sure of having lots of monosaturated fats like fishes, olive oil, nuts, lean meat and vegetables on your plate plus you do not even have to give up your favorite cereals. Isn’t this wonderful?

The prime focus of south beach diet is choosing the right kind of carbohydrates and fats while focusing on low –fat sources of protein. You can go for the good carbohydrates like whole wheat flour, brown rice, potatoes with skin or anything that is in its natural unprocessed form. Such a foodstuff gets digested slowly, increases the blood sugar on gradual note, thus making you feel fuller for longer period of time. So whenever its time for your next snack, don’t feed yourself with biscuits, noodles or white bread but go for some good quality carbs.

Monsaturated fats found in olive, rice bran, groundnuts, canola oils and avocados helps in lowering your bad cholesterol levels in blood that sticks to your arteries. Saturated fats present in ghee, dalda ghee, butter and margarine are artery-clogging fats, and so it’s best to avoid them.

Omega 3 fat found in fishes, flaxseed oil, walnuts and almonds lowers the problem of blood pressure. This good fat is not only helpful in lowering your blood pressure but also prevents the problem of depression, arthritis and asthma.

The south beach diet also calls for dining on plenty of lean proteins such as eggs, reduced-fat cheese, skinless chicken, fish, lean cuts of red meat and vegetarian proteins like tofu and Soya nuggets.

This diet leaves you thinner and healthier, which is the real reason you should try it.

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