Watermelon For Boosting Health

Watermelon For Boosting Health

Watermelon For Boosting Health - Watermelon Advantage - Watermelon Calories And Nutrition » Watermelon For Boosting HealthWatermelons are very good for the simple reason that they contain 92 percent water and the remaining 8 percent is packed with lycopene. This phytochemical studies show protects the heart, the prostrate as well as the skin. This is why this fruit is particularly good for men. It is said that a one inch square cube of the fruit has as much lycopene to four medium sized tomatoes.

This has great significance as it is directly related to prostrate cancer and is said to reduce the risk as much as 34 percent. It is also responsible for boosting the skins SPF levels. So as this summer comes in full we strongly advise you to make good use of this rather inexpensive fruit to its best advantage. Not only will it help fight against prostrate cancer but will do wonders for your skin.

A USDA report published recently has highlighted the fact that melons stored at room temperature were far healthier in their content than their counter parts in the fridge. At room temperature they produce a whooping 40 percent more lycopene and 50-139 percent more beta-carotene. It is therefore recommended that to keep it out from the fridge and only put it in the day before you plan to eat it.

Few researchers have tried to sell the idea that watermelons have a similar effect as [email protected]@. This is however not true. The issue is debated as the fruit produces what is called ‘arginine’. At studies conducted at the University Of California School Of Medicine said that though arginine was used by the body to make nitric oxide and it is nitric oxide that dilutes blood vessels that actually helps in achieving an erection, the conclusions being drawn are incorrect. As per Dr Roger Clemens a spokesman for the institute of Institute of Food Technologists it is far too early at this point to make such claims.

All said and done there is evidence to the effect that regular intake of the juice of the fruit does increase the levels of arginine. Test carried out on volunteers over a period of three weeks showed an increase of as much of 11 percent if they drank three eight ounce tumblers of juice a day. What is really good about watermelons is that it has a very low calorie count but provides a high dose of potassium, phytonnutrients lycopene, beta-carotene as well as citrulline all perfect for a weight loss program.

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