Way Of Cultivating Avocados

Way Of Cultivating Avocados

Way Of Cultivating Avocados - How to Grow Avocados - Avocado Seeds | Tips on - Find TipsThe first step is to prepare the seed. Buy some avocados and take out the seeds. Keep in mind not to damage or cut the seed. The seed is also known as the pit.

Wash the seeds in cold water so that no residue of the fruit remains on the seed. With a soft piece of cloth or tissue paper, dry the seeds. No water content should be left.

Then, fill up a jar or glass with water. Place the seeds in such a way that only half of the seeds are submerged in water. This can be done by suspending the seeds of the jar’s or glass’ edge.

For about three to four weeks, keep the jar or glass in sunlight and let nature take its course. Keep the container always filled with water and placed in such a location so that it lays undisturbed.

Within the above mentioned time, you can see the formation of little roots in the water. The top of the seed begins to split and sprouts begin to emerge.

Let the sprouts grow more than six inches long along with the budding of few sets of leaves. Pinch off the top set of leaves. This ensures that the avocados branch out and become a tree.

Let some other few weeks pass by, there will be more leaves and branches taking shape.

Now comes the time to displace it from the container and plant in the ground. If you happen to reside in a warm weathered area, then it is better to plant the avocado sapling outside the house in garden or wherever you want.

But if you happen to reside in a place of cold climate, chances are that the sapling will freeze to death. In such a situation, plant the sapling inside as a houseplant. Use good quality soil. While planting, cover all the roots but do not bury the seed totally in the ground.

Water daily but don’t turn the soil too moist because the pit will rot them. An indication of high amount of water is the turning of leaves into yellow.

Finally, if you want a big avocado plant, pinch the first set of leaves occasionally to increase the number of branches.

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