Ways To Be A Polite Seat Mate

Ways To Be A Polite Seat Mate

Ways To Be A Polite Seat Mate - Polite Seat Mate - Polite Seat Mate While Traveling By Air - Polite Seat Partner » Ways to be a polite seat mate while traveling by airDo you find it hard to digest the irritating and noisy habits of your seat partner when traveling by air? But ever thought even the passenger sitting next to you may feel in the same way for you too? Confused! What to do now? Then just don’t feel bad, here are some easy ways to be a polite seat partner, just go by such guidelines and have a happy and comfortable journey.

Firstly, introduce yourself to the next passenger traveling with you. Excuse yourself every time you get up and use the washroom.

When reclining your back seat, just turn around and give the person behind you polite warning.

If you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow or your hand so that you do not spread germs out.

If you think that the wailing babies can affect you badly, make sure you come prepared with your I-pod, DVD player and headphones.

Try to keep your seat area as clean as possible. Make sure you throw out the used cups and napkins only when the attendant comes to collect them.

If you are trying hard to fit your carry bag in the upper bin and it does not fit, then please don’t try to jam in it by crushing someone else’s bag. In such a case, just place your bag inside your seat or keep it with yourself only.

If you need to stretch your legs, walk back and forth but don’t stand and hover over other passengers. This is because this kind of act seems like an invasion into other passenger’s personal space, so make sure you avoid this.

While talking on the plane, make sure you speak softly. Keep in mind that you do not disturb the fellow passengers with your conversation that might be sleeping at that time.

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