Ways to Beat Summer

Ways to Beat Summer

Ways to Beat Summer - Tips to Beat Summer - Stomach Disorders - » Easy ways to beat scorching summersUndoubtedly with the months of April and May, the scorching sun is back! It is very important for everyone on this earth to take care of themselves as the mercury starts rising mercilessly higher and higher.

Read this article below, it will guide you all with some easy and effective tips to beat this sweltering weather.

During summers, make the regulars on the Indian thali such as dal, chawal, chapatti and subji as your mainstay. Eat in moderation and not in extreme under any situation. This is because eating in moderate levels avoids the chances of stomach disorders which often occur during hot weather.

Concentrate on foods which are high in water content such as cucumbers, watermelons, oranges, muskmelon, lemons, carrots and spinach. Such foodstuff helps in restoring the water content of your body. Certainly you all must know about the eight glasses of water a day theory.

But the truth is that you should drink only as much water as you feel like. Keep in mind that coconut water, buttermilk; lemonade also helps in balancing the water level in the body, so increase their intake in your diet during summers.

Avoid eating food with unrequited fat and sodium content. This is because the sodium causes water retention, thus further dehydrating the body. Remember that salty peanuts, chips and oily stuff are bad for your body too. Instead go for fresh fruit or a cup of yoghurt.

If your kids complain of loss of appetite, give them compact meals- stuffed parantha, subji wrapped in chappati or raita khichdi.give them coconut water, fresh juices or lemonade in place of water.

At times, over exposure to the sun takes away essential hydration from the body which then needs to be replenished with water. Otherwise it can cause giddiness, headaches, fainting and fever. So have liquid regularly during the day.

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