Ways to Boost Your Career

Ways to Boost Your Career

Ways to Boost Your Career - Ways to Beat Office Politics - Career Boosting Mantras » Boost Your CareerSo, you’re happy to have landed that dream-job and salary and even found good responses to your latest working wardrobe; but, have you thought about effective ways to further build up your career by giving your professional status in life a new spin?

If yes, then this article on strategies to boost your career is just for you: it deals with all the methods of quietly working angles and having things go your way –and getting the credit for it too while using subtle arm-twisting techniques at the office to influence co-workers and supervisors alike to win them over in your favor, thereby winning accolades at work and getting a higher position.

Imagine yourself in your boss’s boots: be the kind of employee you’d like to have working for you and think in terms of doing tasks that will bring in higher profits and increase efficiency at work; then, apply these to your daily target plan.

Do not cover up mistakes; confess them instead and win admiration for being honest –and man- enough to do so.

Avoid gossip at work even if the conversation is about a particularly nasty co-worker and keep the juicy tid-bit to yourself for treating colleagues like the open mikes they can be, is a sure-fire way of beating around office politics that could backfire on you. Besides, you never know who may be overhearing your chat and how they interpret your nature so keep your professional reputation intact by staying away from the office politics.

Occasionally, cause a panic over a small issue (that you have the solution to) so that when the tension mounts up, you can step in suavely and address the problem with a calm and efficient demeanor – it gets you attention and admiration both.

Always be willing to share the credit for a job well done as this will impress your boss and help you bond with co-workers; however, remember to frequently highlight individual achievements for your manager when asked for a review e.g. the problem and how You applied a unique strategy to solve it!

The more you practice these career-boosting mantras, the faster you’ll climb the ladder to corporate success.

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