Ways To Develop Healthy TV Viewing Habits In Children

Ways To Develop Healthy TV Viewing Habits In Children

Ways To Develop Healthy TV Viewing Habits In Children - Encouraging Healthy TV Habits For Kids » Ways to Develop Healthy TV Viewing Habits in ChildrenIs your child glued to the TV set? Many children these days have become couch potatoes spending majority of their precious time in front of the so called “idiot box”. The end result is not only neglect of academics and physical health, but also a development of unacceptable social behavior of aggression and violence. After all, children learn and imitate what they view. However, despite the drawbacks, the “idiot box” is not that bad; it has a flip positive side too. It can help children in easy and fats development of intelligence, IQ and analytical skills. There are many educational programs aired on television which can help your child grow in a positive way. But as a parent, you need to ensure that you take adequate steps to develop healthy TV viewing habits in children. Given below are some tips on how you can achieve this.

First and important rule is to set TV viewing time limit for the child from beginning itself. Be firm so that your child can view TV as well as devote time to his studies and physical health. A balance of everything is extremely important. Watch TV with your kids and encourage him to watch educational programs rather than violent movies. Also, before allowing your child to view a movie, ensure it is suitable for his age and sensitive mind. Also, limit eating while watching TV so as to control the growing number of obese children. There are parental control tools in every TV. Use them to ensure only healthy TV watching for your child. Allow viewing of channels which are educative and not violent. This will ensure that your child learns something worthwhile while entertaining himself. Follow these essential tips to ensure that your child uses TV for positive and healthy effects.

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