Ways to get glamorous eyes » Ways to get glamorous eyes

Ways to get glamorous eyes » Ways to get glamorous eyes

Ways to get glamorous eyes » Ways to get glamorous eyesNothing keeps eyes looking their best like hydrating and nourishing eye treatments. Anti-aging eye creams not only work to smooth lines and wrinkles, reduce eye puffiness and help diminish the appearance of dark circles, but also help your eye makeup go on more smoothly. You need to take care of your eyes to find ways to get glamorous eyes. For this, remove all oils from the upper eyelids. You can do this with an astringent or a tissue. By removing the oils will help the eye make-up stay in place and then it would be less likely to run or smudge, then, apply an off white or light beige eye shadow on the eyelid itself. No iridescent, it will make the eyes appear older and is not a glamorous look – does not matter what the ads say. Models might wear it in an ad since they get paid to do so…but not in “real life!”

Another thing to do as ways to get glamorous eyes is curl your eyelashes. Apply mascara on the upper and lower lashes. Give them a couple of coats…but do not let them stick together. If you dare, you could put on “false eyelashes” at this point. I usually wear them…I just like the look–for me. Using a brown, dark brown or gray eye shadow powder, shake the excess powder off the brush so the powder does not fall on your skin. Above the upper eyelid, and on and above the eye socket, brush on your color choice.

One should make sure your shadow goes all the way around the outside and down to the lower eyelid, tapering off on the bottom lashes. Now bring the shadow in toward the nose on the upper lid, but not as wide. Make sure you smudge the edges so that there are no hard lines or lines of demarcation at the edge of the shadow. Applying a thin line of eyeliner at the base of your real or fake lashes is also a better idea. Make it a soft line, nor thick neither hard looking. Continue such eyeliner a little past your lashes towards your nose tapering off toward the nose, as this is one of the best ways to get glamorous eyes.

Simple ways to get glamorous eyes can bring your attractive looks. However, one has to remember that choosing a dark eye shadow shade like Dusk, Violet or a combination and then applying the deepest shade all over lid, starting at the base of the lashes is very good. Also, use an eye shadow brush to lift the pigment, creating a deeper to lighter contrast and start moving the brush back and forth until the eye shadow is smooth and gradually becomes faint is among great ways to get glamorous eyes. Reapply the same shade again at the lash line to the rim of the eyes, creating the maximum contrast and use a matte or shimmering nude shade and layer over the entire eye to soften and deliver the “smokiness.” by finishing applying a dark mascara, like Lash Extreme Mascara.

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