Ways To Handle Your Home Appliances

Ways To Handle Your Home Appliances

Ways To Handle Your Home Appliances - Washing Machine Care And Maintenance - Air Conditioners Care And Maintenance » Ways to handle your home appliances in the best mannerUndoubtedly, home appliances should be given regular care and maintenance to give the maximum results in the long run. You will be surprised to read that most of the home appliances like microwaves, washing machines, air-conditioners etc can be taken care of through some do-it-yourself steps. Just read some of such ways given below to get the most out of your household investments.

Washing machine:
Keep in mind that no machine can operate without maintenance, and your washing machine is no exception to this rule. Clean the washing tub in every three months. Just add 3 cups of white distilled vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda in the tub and fill it with water. Let it churn on full speed. While draining the tub, advance the cycle to spin. Repeat tie for best results.

Get a service call as part of your routine washing machine maintenance. The life of your machine may be extended if you have a service person remove the front cover and clean the inside of the washing machine.

Is your air conditioner getting less cold everyday or not cold at all? Do you have a pipe under the house causing condensation build up through the floor? If such questions are arising in your mind then its time to take a good look at your air conditioner. It might be asking for some maintenance. So take time to notice call connections and piping to get a feel how this system works. Read the product manual and follow the instructions.

Remove clips or panels to filters and discard filters. Disconnect drain tube and flush it with water hose. Later blow coil and tray clean with compressed air.

Unscrew the metal casing around fan and remove the fan. Wash and brush clean the fan outdoors, towel dry and lube center bearings with light motor oil.

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