Ways to Look Younger

Ways to Look Younger

Ways to Look Younger - How to Look Younger - How To Stay Young » Ways to Look YoungerDon’t consider age a punishment; it really does sit very well on some people. Barring its effects on the body at times, aging can have many great advantages. Since we are kind of stuck with ourselves indefinitely, caring for our soul, mind, and body should be an ongoing process.


First Step

Stay young at heart. You seem old when you act old. Act younger.

Hot cocoa contains flavones that aid the repair of the ravages of the sun. Try to have an eight ounce mug full daily, or a square ounce of dark cocoa with a minimum of 70% cocoa content. Phenyl ethylamine compound in cocoa enhances production of dopamine and serotonin. It increases oxytocin helping you to relax.

Second Step

A natural antidote to the thinning lips is cinnamon, which plumps up the lips immediately by aiding the dilation of the little blood vessels. Lip balms containing cinnamon are available.

There is some adverse publicity attached to soy products. This is misleading and there are several benefits to the consumer. Collagen production, which reduces wrinkles and sagging, is promoted by soy products such as tofu, soy nuts, and soy milk. Substitute your milk intake in coffee with soy milk.

Third Step

Seventy percent of our bodies are composed of water, which is essential for our wellbeing. Try to drink an eight ounce glassful of water a minimum of eight times a day. Smoothing the skin and giving it elasticity and a youthful appearance is the function of water.

Straight after your shower apply moisturizer on your skin daily. This keeps the moisture in and makes for smoother skin.

Fourth Step

The destructive action of free radicals can be reversed by Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. You can drink or eat your daily quota and even take a supplement. Vitamin C rich foods are:

Citrus and orange,
Sweet red peppers,
Kiwi fruit,

Sleeping on the side or your stomach causes facial wrinkles – sleep flat on your back. Eating nuts aid circulation. Vitamin E is abundant in almonds and sunflower seeds.

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