Ways To Make Your Pregnant Wife Happy » How To Keep Your Pregnant Wife Happy

Ways To Make Your Pregnant Wife Happy » How To Keep Your Pregnant Wife Happy

Ways To Make Your Pregnant Wife Happy » How To Keep Your Pregnant Wife HappyThe nine months duration of pregnancy is very critical for both father and mother. Doctors say that in any case, one should keep his pregnant wife happy and free of any kinds of worries or tension. This has appropriate scientific evidence behind it.

If during pregnancy, one bears stress, anxiety or tension, the growth and development of the new born baby is adversely affected as it stays in the mother’s womb for 9 long months. So, in any case, the expecting father as well as other family members has to keep in mind that the would-be mother should stay calm, relieved and happy in this phase.

Pregnancy is a process that takes place for a prolonged period of time. A woman stays pregnant for 39 weeks. An expecting mother often fails to understand what she actually wants. It is the responsibility of her husband to take due care of her as well as her needs. There are some simple ways to keep her cheerful and composed.

Show Affection And Care

One should learn to foresee all the wishes of his wife, in order to keep her happy. It is important to make her feel cared. Once you know her desires, try all ways to fulfill those. Your consideration and affection is very necessary for the expecting mother as well as the baby in her womb.

If she loves resting in an armchair, you can place a soft pillow beneath her waist. This would make her feel comfortable and happy. If you are going out together for some shopping, bend down and make her wear her shoes before she asks you for it. You can get her good books to read, this will help her kill the boredom.

Learn for elderly experienced people in your family about the things which should be taken care of during pregnancy. If you are out, call her up, talk to her for a few minutes about what she feels like, what is she doing and do ask if she needs anything for herself. You should very much take care of these minor things.

If she is visiting a doctor’s clinic, take your time out to accompany her. If she has taken up yoga classes, drop her and come to pick her up, as well. You should acquire all sorts of knowledge about pregnancy. Take special care about her diet. Ensure that she is consuming a lot of iron and calcium rich food products in the form of fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Try to spend some intimate time together talking about your expected child. As a good father, as her to take rest by asking her to lay her legs straight. This posture is very relaxing for the mother and alleviates all her tiredness in minutes.

There are certain things which should never be done. Never tell her that she is fat or obese, as obesity is the most inevitable phenomenon that is likely to occur in case of all pregnant women. Her feet swell up than usual due to the presence of water in the body of a mother.

Never compare her with another pregnant woman. The fetus requires nutrients for growth and the only source of it is the mother’s body. So, it should be very clear that no two pregnant woman are alike, therefore, no comparison must occur.

Gift Her Beautiful Diary

You can gift your pregnant wife a beautiful diary in which you secretly write all your dreams and expectations about the newly born. Enlist all your weird feelings about the paternity you are expected to give to the child. Inscribe your minutest ideas about how your child is going to be like. Mention in particular, that you really care for your wife and love her very much.

This will tighten up your relationship. This act will definitely increase the trust your wife has upon you. She can now rely upon you more easily. In the diary, write about your tender attitude and anxiety towards the new born. Now you can even ask your partner to write down her feelings for the child inside her womb.

Ways To Make Your Pregnant Wife Happy » How To Keep Your Pregnant Wife Happy

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Remember to write down your feelings in this diary from time to time. It will work as a great present for your relationship and you can read it time to time. This will make you go for a walk down the memory lane. Imagine, reading this diary with your 10 years old child, it will give you immense pleasure.

Arrange Photo Sessions

It is a great idea to arrange for photo sessions with your pregnant wife. Try to pose with her in every possible way. Take quick snaps of her belly in all angles. This type of activity is going to be a sheer fun. Play a soothing music from behind and take video shoots of her.

You can ask her to pose with her favorite book, pillow, showpiece, etc. You have to repeat this session form time to time. Consort all the photographs in a colorful album and tag each one with a nice phrase. You will relish it from time in to time in your life.

Her Diet Regime

It is a habit of an expecting mother to keep on chewing something in her mouth the whole day. So you must take care of her diet too. Give her a light breakfast, of fruit juices, eggs, bread toasts, etc.

Don’t offer her junked foods, such as chips and French fries in excess. A pleasant morning will kick start with a lovely breakfast and will shoot off her morning laziness. Ensure to avoid heavy caffeinated drinks in her diet.

Change The Look Of Your Interiors

Change the interior of your room during pregnancy of your wife. Her mind is always thinking of the baby, so get a nice nursery based interior with loads of toys for your toddler. Gift her with presents that will delight her. Go out for watching movies together. The movie must have a happy ending and must enlighten her feelings. In other words, one should all possible things to make the expecting mother happy.

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