Ways to Plan Your New Year Party | Tips on

Ways to Plan Your New Year Party | Tips on

Ways to Plan Your New Year Party | Tips on - Find TipsIt is again that time of the year when all would love to enjoy a good party. Do you want your party to be the place where your friends would want to be? Here are a few tips to make it happen.

Begin with a killer but fun invite which will make them curious and be sure to send them out early. If you have a specific theme in mind mention it in the card so that the invited are aware of it. Also remember to mention if they are to bring children with them or if it is meant only for the adults.

Do not try to do all the work yourself ! It would be more helpful if you ask your family to help you with the preparations. Explain to them clearly what you have in mind so that there is no confusion.

You could keep the christmas decorations on for the new year celebrations or you could do it up differently. You could go in for the gold and silver patterns. Put up as many streamers and balloons as possible to give the festive look. Do not forget to include a lot of confetti and glitter.

When planning for the party food , keep it simple. Arrange for snacks and finger foods ( so that you are not engaged in the kitchen while the party is on ) and not a full course dinner else you will have your guests asleep by 10 PM. The idea is to keep the guests moving around so that they can mingle. Arrange for a buffet table to be set so that the guests can help themselves to the food at their own ease. As for the drinks you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. Beer , a few mixers and a wine should do the trick. You also include champagne. But remember to serve non-alcoholic drinks for the teetotalers and those who will be driving.

Keep an arrangement for some background music to be played all through the evening on your music system. You could include the numbers which had been popular through the year.

Keep noisemakers , hats , confetti handy when the clock strikes midnight. You could keep the television switched on to countdown to midnight.

If your friend has to go a long way back home or in case has drunk a little too much be prepared to accommodate him/her for the night.

New Year is a time for fun and enjoyment. Keep these basic things in mind and usher in the new time in a relaxed and fun-filled way!

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